Welcome to Outdoor Track Season

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As you step through the chain link fence and past the elderly official who checked your bib, the unmistakable smell of grilled charcoal assails your nostrils. Under different circumstances, a slow saliva drip might begin to form, but charred foods hold no sway over you now. The hunger that claws at your insides is of a different kind, and the smoke floats past.

Ahead looms the rubberized oval, that modern day arena where individuals temporarily transform into gods and titans to clash before friends and family who cannot begin to fathom the inner turmoil that threatens to drown each hero. Too late, you realize that the figure in the red jacket has a one arm thrust straight into the air, and before you can ready yourself a blast of fire and the accompanying shot rip through the air.

Your heartbeat jumps to the heavy slam of the kick drum in Seven Nation Army as your pupils dilate with the fear that this trigger pull was meant for you. A reassuring glance at your watch and a violent inhalation begin the process of reestablishing a fragile equilibrium. Kick drums fade to a steady beat on the floor tom. In concert with the nerves, a state of wicked delirium has begun to set in. A passerby stares quizzically at the facade of your impassive expression and the mania in your eyes that no amount of self control can suppress. It’s time for Outdoor!

With the end of the American Indoor Season, the time has come to drop those extra layers and get ready to drop bombs around the big oval. There are a good number of us who live and die, figuratively, by our time spent around the track, and while an outdoor meet may not match the reverberating decibel level of indoor, it is a simple fact that many view indoor as a lead-in to the outdoor season. The stakes and the intensity are somehow increased, and athletes raise their games instinctively.

The reasons to love outdoor are numerous, but the primary spark behind each athlete’s fire is competition. Outdoor track sees athletes competing at their highest level. Regardless of whether the desire is a new PR or simply to win, outdoor track is where competitors throw down. On top of that, warm weather, more optimal competition sites, and excitement for the coming summer give outdoor meets a festive atmosphere. Each competition is a celebration of fitness, and all are welcome to join in the revelry.

As your outdoor campaigns begin, Running Warehouse sends you our best wishes for high jumps, long leaps, further throws, and fast times! Of course, we’re also happy to facilitate your endeavors, so if you are in need of equipment to deliver that extra competitive edge, please feel free to browse the collections below.

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