The North Face Spring 2013 Preview

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The North Face has been making trail running shoes since 2008. While their shoes have provided good traction on the trail, they haven’t gained much traction in the marketplace. For 2013, things might finally change. The North Face is introducing three new models: the Ultra Guide, Hyper-Track Guide, and Double-Track Guide. All three shoes will be built with 8mm heel-toe offsets and new platforms that stack a softer midsole foam on top of a firmer foam. This set-up should provide a comfortable, smooth ride.

We were pleased to see the Hyper-Track Guide and Ultra Guide come in under 10 ounces. A big departure from the original Rucky Chucky that tipped the scales at 14.5 ounces.

These new models launch February 2013. While the shoes look great and are lighter and lower, has The North Face made enough changes to be competitive in the trail running market (a market currently dominated by even lighter and lower shoes)? We think so. Want more info and pics? Check out our full The North Face Spring 2013 Sneak Peek.

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