The Brooks PureGrit 3 Ups the Grittiness

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Brooks PureGrit 3; M 9.9 oz, W 8.1 oz, $120*

In its third iteration, Brooks’ PureGrit gets redesigned from the ground up, giving the shoe a beefier look and feel while sticking true to the concepts of low weight and a natural, uninhibited ride characteristic of the PureProject collection.

The biggest thing to look for in this version is a new outsole, featuring a more aggressive lug pattern that the previous model (and significantly more so than that of the original PureGrit). In addition, a forefoot rock plate will make this shoe a viable option for the more technical terrain, meaning this shoe will no longer be confined to trails of the well-groomed variety.

Though at first glance the PureGrit 3’s upper may seem largely unchanged, closer inspection will reveal a traditional tongue in lieu of the polarizing burrito wrap design, a change that should make the fit more accessible to a greater variety of foot shapes. Otherwise, small tweaks in the overlays should improve the fit, something we can be very optimistic based on our experiences trying on a few of the other third generation PureProject shoes trickling through the office as of late.

Aesthetically, version 3 is a departure from its predecessors, sporting a rugged look with a sculpted midsole and loud colorways. We’re big fans of this new styling, which gives the shoe a sense of grit and aggressiveness, something comparatively absent in prior versions.

While the spotlight may have recently shifted away from the PureProject line in favor of the more traditional shoes in Brooks’ lineup, the PureGrit continues to remain relevant in the trail world where low profile with a bit of cushioning is still very much in vogue. We expect this beefed up version to breathe new life into the PureGrit franchise upon its release in June.

*Footwear specs provided by Brooks

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