Step into Scott Jurek’s Shoes | Limited Edition Brooks Cascadia 2189

At 2:03pm on July 12, 2015, Scott Jurek crested the summit of Mount Katahdin – he had finally reached the finish line. Except there was no line. There were no medals, no prize money, and only a handful of spectators. After 46 days, 8 hours, and 7 minutes, Jurek had reached what he would refer to as his ‘ultimate finish line’: he had set the speed record for the completion of the Appalachian Trail.


The Appalachian Trail reaches from Georgia to Maine, through 14 states and with a total of 2,189 miles. Jurek has an impressive running career, including wins at a number of prestigious races (Western States Endurance Runs, Badwater Ultramarathons, the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run, and many others). Yet, he admitted that forcing himself to march (run) on for thousands of miles through an injured knee, torn quad muscle, weeks of record rainfall, and the stomach flu, was without a doubt the achievement he was most proud of. The world followed along, watching him overcome these barriers to break the previous record for the fastest known time (FKT) of the Appalachian Trail by a little over 3 hours.

During the six weeks on the trail, Jurek went through 8 pairs of shoes, alternating between the Brooks Cascadia and the Brooks PureGrit. This year, to commemorate and celebrate Jurek’s achievement, Brooks is releasing a limited edition of their signature trail shoe, the Cascadia, with a whole lot of special embellishments.


The Cascadia 2189 is named for the number of miles on the Appalachian Trail, and Brooks is releasing just 2,189 pairs of this limited edition model. What makes this shoe so special? First of all, these special edition shoes contain recycled materials from the shoes Jurek wore on his trek, giving runners a chance to literally run in Scott Jurek’s shoes. In case you’re wondering, yes, the shoe you buy is brand new and will last just as long as any other Cascadia 11.

This model will also feature a bold new color scheme, a gold outline of the Appalachian Trail, and Jurek’s signature on the shoe. The sock liner also features an outline of the trail, as well as a hand written edition number in a gold box. Speaking of boxes, you’ll also receive a collectable box, with images of Scott on the trail as well as other inspirational messages.



Scott Jurek began his attempt at the Appalachian Trail FKT in order challenge himself, but more importantly to inspire others. Sometimes inspiration comes in unexpected ways. Use this commemorative shoe as a way to remember what humans are capable of – get out there and run your run! This limited edition shoe will be available to order at Running Warehouse beginning July 29, 2016.

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