Staff Pick: ASICS Skysensor Glide 3

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There are few pleasures on this earth that match a good long tempo run. Fall is here and the air is growing crisp. I have some big races coming up in November and workouts are gaining some luster. I needed a new weapon to take to our local roads and bike paths, and the Skysensor Glide 3 is beautifully suited for these workouts.

ASICS makes some of the best racing flats on the planet. In my closet I have the Gel Hyperspeed 6, the Pirahna SP 5, and the Gel DS Racer 10, all of which get their fair share of use. Unfortunately none of these shoes are perfect for a long tempo run. Fortunately, seeing this hole in ASICS lineup of shoes, Running Warehouse was able to find a quartet of shoes inspired by the great Japanese marathoning heritage and import them to our warehouse in the US. In addition to the Skysensor Glide 3, we also have the LyteRacer RS 4, Tarther Kainos 3, and TartherZeal 3. All ASICS race inspired shoes can be found here.

The workout that sold me on the SkySensor Glide 3 was 8 quick miles meandering through our local junior college campus. Rather than running one single pace through the entirety of the workout, coach prescribed alternating between half marathon race pace for miles 1, 3, 5, and 7, and a roughly a minute slower for the even miles. Those lighter shoes tend to leave my joints aching from the asphalt after a workout like this, but the Sky Sensor Glide 3 with its layered midsole allowed me to handle the longer workout with no problem. The shoes respond nicely to each stride, keeping my feet springing forward, and keeping the pace sharp. I was able to hit the times I wanted through the workout while still feeling fresh for a 15 mile long run the next day.

To be able to do that, in shoes that look this good, is truly extraordinary.

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