Saucony ProGrid Guide 5 – Our Take

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Saucony ProGrid Guide 5 Men

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Heel down 4mm, weight down 2.0 oz – Guide 5 is a wake-up call from Saucony. With more flexibility and cushion, this moderate support shoe is a great trainer.
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Big Updates

  • 8mm Heel-to-Toe Drop: Saucony did their homework (i.e. a ton of research and computer modeling) to determine that an 8mm drop is ideal for cushion and performance.
  • Weight Loss: Plenty of people wish they could drop almost 17% of their excess body weight. Saucony achieved the equivalent of massive weight loss by bringing this shoe in at 10.0 oz (men’s size 9.0).
  • ProGrid Lite: A lighter weight midsole foam is part of this shoe, and the cushioning technology now runs from heel to toe.
  • SSL Midsole: Saucony Super Lite (SSL) material replaces the impulse EVA material throughout the midsole. The dual-density SSL material is thicker in the midfoot to help control overpronation.

Road Test

How do all these updates affect the ride of the Guide 5? Very positively, we’re happy to report. Each update complements the others to create a ride that is much different – and in our opinion much better – than the Guide 4 that came before it.

So what type of changes are we talking about? Well, for instance, the lowered heel combines with the the more flexible midsole to create a heel-to-toe transition that feels uber-natural. And that flexibility plays well with the trimmed down weight, helping the shoe to feel more like a natural extension of your foot, rather than a horseshoe tacked onto your hoof.

On the list of changes we’d like to see, the midfoot felt just a little loosey-goosey for some of us. Others felt a hotspot at the base of the big toe, which is probably due to the low toe box height. And of course the 4mm heel height drop could be seen as a plus or a minus. Customers who liked the Guide 4 in the past might be worried that the 5 will take some getting used to because of the lowered stack height. This is certainly an area of personal preference, but in our experience the heel drop is not very noticeable and the big benefit is a lighter weight shoe.

Runners Say

“I’m impressed by the better heel fit of the Guide 5 versus the Guide 4. But I had a hotspot by my first metatarsal on both feet that would have caused blisters for sure on a longer run.” – Moe

“I LOVE the new 8mm design…it really helps to promote a smooth heel-to-toe transition. The toe box is a little wide for me, but I prefer a narrow toe box. Such good cushioning that you can’t even tell it’s s support shoe.” – Lauren

“It ain’t much to look at (at least in the white/blue color), but this shoe surprises with a smooth transition and pretty good responsiveness given its level of cushioning and support.” – Matt

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