Q&A: Best shoes for achilles tendonitis?

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achillQ: What is the best shoe to help achilles tendonitis? – Bill


A: When it comes to achilles tendonitis, many runners find different solutions that are geared toward their own biomechanics, so it’s very difficult to pinpoint the “best” shoe without more information on your running style. That said, here are some of the solutions that we’ve found.

RICE – First and foremost, recovering from achilles tendonitis means doing exactly what runners hate doing…resting. We recommend RICE (resting, icing, compressing, and elevating) to speed you through your recovery. Taking it easy and treating your body with care is the best cure you will find for achilles tendonitis.

Gait Analysis – Some runners develop achilles tendonitis because they are running in shoes with either too much or too little support for their natural foot motion. If you are unsure of your support level and think you might be running in the wrong shoe, please check out our Gait Analysis resource on our Learning Center. Finding the right shoe for you can play a huge role in injury prevention, and we recommend a gait analysis to find the best type of shoe for you. To filter shoes by support level, use the “pronation control” tab in our shoe finder tool.


Increased Cushion – Many runners have alleviated their pain by increasing the cushion in their running shoes. Extra cushioning can help to absorb the impact force of running, and if the shoe is absorbing some force, it puts less impact on the achilles. Although extra cushion is not a solution, it can help to decrease the pain that is experienced while running. To filter shoes by amount of cushion, use the “stack height” tab in our shoe finder tool under “more options”.

art-ftw-img-01Increased Heel-Toe Offset (drop) – Another common factor is the heel-toe offset of the running shoe. The offset (also known as drop) is the difference between the amount of shoe under the heel of your foot and your toes. Think of it as the slope of the shoe. Generally, a lower drop increases strain on the calf and achilles tendon, and many runners have found relief from slightly increasing the drop of their running shoes. To filter shoes by drop, use the “heel-toe offset” tab in our shoe finder tool under “more options”.

All of this said, achilles tendonitis is a serious issue that should be addressed by a doctor and resting. We can give you our best recommendations for types of running shoes to help alleviate the pain, but no shoe alone can fix achilles tendonitis.


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