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With a firm feel and an aggressive toe spring, the Vazee Pace 2 continues to be a great option for faster tempo days, while having enough cushioning to run a variety of distances.

Introduced in 2015, the New Balance Vazee Pace has quickly gained popularity as a go-fast performance trainer with plenty of versatility. Now a year after its debut, New Balance has released version two of the Pace. Small changes to fit and durability have been made while still maintaining the smooth, fast ride of the original.

At first glance the Vazee Pace v2 actually appears to be quite different then its predecessor. The introduction of a new soft knit upper, a redesigned outsole, and a dimpled midsole give the shoe a revamped look. But upon review, I realized these changes are rather small and the shoe provides a very similar feel to version 1. The midsole continues is still made of Revlite and stack heights remained unchanged. While the addition of dimples creates a sleek look, the change is purely cosmetic and the ride of the shoe remains firm and responsive. On the outsole, a new podular forefoot pattern was developed to create a  more propulsive design. There may be a slight increase in propulsion, but version 2 felt nearly identical to the original when running.


New Balance Vazee Pace v1 outsole


New Balance Vazee Pace v2 outsole

While the Vazee Pace v2 has very similiar characteristics to the original, one small update that runners should notice is durability. With 1-2mm of extra rubber on the outsole, this edition should hopefully help increase shelf life. The v2 will also come in 0.6 oz heavier but the weight difference is not noticeable when compared side by side. Another small yet noteworthy change appears in the shoe’s upper. A new knit design with more subtle overlays offers a softer and more natural feeling wrap. The shoe does have a slightly lower fitting toe box, and I prefer the increased lock down  this has especially when the pace quickens. The Vazee Pace was also well known for its pronounced high arch. The Pace v2 is slightly less pronounced, but it is still best suited for runners with medium-high to high arches.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.20.54 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.12.46 AM

With small changes from the original Vazee Pace, the v2 will continue to stay in my footwear line up. While the shoe has sufficient cushioning to be considered for daily training, the firm responsive ride makes it a better choice for higher intensity efforts. The smooth, quick transition makes this shoe a great option for a 30-45 minute tempo workout and the versatile cushioning allows me to log warm up and cool down miles in the shoe without any problems. The aggressive toe spring and the springy feel also make the shoe a suitable option when your looking to pick up the pace for interval work on the track. From mile to 400m repeats, this shoe feels natural. If your a fan of the Vazee line or simply looking for a fast and versatile performance trainer,  the New Balance Vazee Pace v2 is a reliable update that will treat you well on workout day.








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