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New Balance MRC1600 Men's Running Shoe

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Lightweight yet protective from the road, the New Balance RC1600 is a race ready shoe built for the marathon.
(View Men’s MRC1600 and Women’s WRC1600)

Big Features

  • Seamless Upper: The snug fitting upper contains minimal seams to ensure irritation free comfort.
  • Performance Midsole: The RevLite midsole compound provides a firm and responsive ride without sacrificing weight or protection.
  • High Traction Outsole: Sticky rubber in high impact areas provides sure-footed traction on landing, while aggressive treads in the forefoot give tremendous grip at toe-off.

Road Test

The RC1600 follows in the success of the popular RC1400, a performance shoe that offers substantial amounts of cushioning for its category at a modestly light weight. With the RC1600, New Balance increased the model number but decreased the weight, slimming the shoe for fast-paced racing.

Our testers were impressed with the near-seamless construction of the upper on the RC1600. The only two exposed seams occur in areas just forward of the heel where friction is unlikely, making it an excellent shoe for going sock-free without irritation. In terms of fit, we found the RC1600 offers a fit similar to the RC1400 – expect a snug toebox for performance with a medium-fitting upper elsewhere in the shoe.

The RC1600 offers a firm and responsive midsole, with cushioning sufficient for distances up to the marathon. Of course, its lightweight package is suitable for shorter races as well. Outsole traction is excellent, with rubber grips placed in the forefoot that prevent slippage during toe-off. Overall, we expect this shoe to catch on with runners looking for high performance in races up to the marathon.

Runners Say

“This is a great shoe for someone looking for a sleeker shoe than the RC1400, with a bit more cushioning than shoes like the RC5000.” – Daniel

“This shoe fit just like I expect a racing shoe should fit – snug without being too tight.” – Taro

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