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New Balance 870 v2 Men's Running Shoe

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Lighter and better fitting, the New Balance 870 v2 makes for a smooth stability trainer with a hint of speed.
(View Men’s 870 v2 and Women’s 870 v2)

Big Updates

  • New Last: The 870 v2 takes on a new shape to give the shoe a more comfortable, running-specific fit.
  • Reduced Offset: In keeping with current trends to promote a more natural foot position, New Balance lowered the heel to toe differential of the 870 v2 to 8mm.
  • Lower Weight: New Balance was able to shave weight from the shoe, bringing the weight to a reasonably light 9.8 oz. in a Men’s size 9 (8.3 oz. in a Women’s size 8).

Road Test

We liked the original New Balance 870 for its good support and responsive ride, though because it was a new model without much promotion, the shoe did fly under the radar for many runners. For this second iteration of this modestly lightweight trainer, New Balance has revamped the shoe into something we feel will catch more attention.

All of our testers appreciated the fit of the 870 v2. The upper is soft and forgiving, ensuring a snug fit without becoming uncomfortable. The upper surrounding the heel is very padded, allowing it to fit a variety of heel widths without being overly tight or loose.

We were impressed with the cushioning supplied by the 870 v2. Though soft, the midsole delivers a surprising amount of bounce and rebound. The reduced heel-to-toe offset gives the shoe a natural feel when both midfoot and heel striking, and the transition to toe-off in this shoe is almost effortlessly smooth.

In all, we were hard up in finding faults with the 870 v2. The accommodating upper in combination with the smooth ride make this shoe a winner. The 870 v2 has much to offer for a wide variety of runners seeking a performance stability shoe.

Runners Say

“This is a great match for longer uptempo work or for daily training.” – Daniel

“The 870 v2 provides a good amount of support, but not to the point where it inhibits the flexibility of the shoe.” – Joanna

“The toebox and midfoot feel slightly narrow for my tastes; probably not the best for those with a wider foot.” – Callie

New Balance 870 v2 Women's Running Shoe

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