NAZ Elite unveils the new HOKA Hupana (GEAR Giveaway)

Since HOKA ONE ONE was created back in 2010, the company has always placed a emphasis on delivering shoes with a high cushion to low weight ratio. Shoes like the Clifton and Bondi have become staples within their product line, and as of recently we’ve seen their original philosophy being used in sleeker, stripped down models. Now with pro running groups such as Northern Arizona (NAZ) Elite competing on the world stage, HOKA has started to focus on delivering lightweight, performance oriented products built to go fast.

With road racing flats and track spikes now on the market, Hoka has proven that it can provide quality race day products. But now, with the release of the new Hupana, we see the addition of a fantastic workout day shoe with plenty of versatility. The shoe weighs in at at 8.2 oz (men’s size 9) and 6.2 oz (women’s size 8) respectively, and with a 5mm heel toe offset, the shoe will provide a more natural feel. The most anticipated feature of the Hupana is the full RMAT midsole and outsole design. We’ve seen RMAT used in other Hoka trainers, but haven’t seen a full length (and fully exposed) design until now, which will help provide an extremely responsive and smooth ride. Paired with a highly breathable knit upper, the shoe not only looks stylish and sleek but also provides a secure midfoot lockdown.





While very few people have come in contact with this brand new HOKA model, members of the NAZ Elite team have already adapted it into their workout arsenal. Coach Ben Rosario sees it as great option for faster intervals, while also being versatile enough for tempo runs and even an occasional easy day (See Coach Rosario’s full thoughts here). The NAZ Elite team has been wearing the Hupana throughout their marathon build up, and you have the chance to try out this exclusive shoe, available now at Running Warehouse.

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