Mizuno Wave Nirvana 8 – Our Take

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Mizuno Wave Nirvana 8 Women's Running Shoe

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Minor updates to the Nirvana 8 keep things humming for runners who want a protective, comfortable ride along with some road feel.
(View Men’s Nirvana 8 and Women’s Nirvana 8)

Big Updates

  • Redesigned Upper: The upper of the Nirvana 8 was designed for increased breathability and reduced weight.
  • Slimmer for Guys: The Nirvana 8 is nearly an ounce lighter than its predecessor in the Men’s version, but almost identical in weight in the Women’s model.
  • Identical Mid/Outsole: Mizuno made no changes to the platform of the Nirvana 8, meaning all the weight reduction was achieved through lighter materials in the upper.

Road Test

There’s a lot to like about the Nirvana 8. Mizuno’s premium moderate-support shoe, the Nirvana series is all about protection and smoothness, not the pillowy cushion you get with many other high-feature shoes in this category.

The Nirvana 8 has one of the tallest heels of any running shoe we carry. So it’s not surprising that the heel feels substantial underfoot – testers labeled it “beefy,” “bulky” and “built-up.” Heel strikers liked the transition of the shoe less than midfoot strikers, but all appreciated the amount of road feel the shoe offered.

The fit received wide praise, with several testers commenting that they liked the snug heel and the placement of the laces. We’re not quite sure that they achieved nirvana, but Mizuno has assembled an impressive set of technologies to wrap a runner’s foot and keep you comfortable.

Runners Say

“It’s a Mizuno, so it delivers on its promise of a smooth ride. But it feels too bulky for my taste. At 155lbs, I think I am too light for this shoe.” – Jonathan

“While the heel felt comfortable in the Nirvana 8, the forefoot almost felt too cushioned, even for a runner looking for a plush ride.” – Lauren

“When I midfoot strike in this shoe, the transition is seamless. I really like the tight heel collar, which anchors you in and gives you confidence.” – Daniel

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