How to Select Running Shoes: Shoe Type

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At the ‘House, we are committed to helping runners stay active and enjoying the sport of running. For some runners, the availability of shoes on the market is overwhelming and, quite honestly, it can be challenging to know where to start when selecting a running shoe.

Our advice is to start by selecting the proper Shoe Type. We use four classifications to organize shoe type: Premium, Standard, Performance and Racing.

A Premium or Standard running shoe is the shoe of choice for logging the bulk of running miles.

Premium shoes are built with an emphasis on supreme comfort and use plush materials to surround the foot in luxury. While not extravagant, the materials in Standard shoes are of high quality and chosen to meet the conditions of daily training.

Performance shoes are lighter weight and tend to have less materials under the foot compared to Premium or Standard shoes, making them best suited for running faster paced workouts such as tempo runs or intervals.

Racing shoes are the lightest of all types and have layers of cushioning and fabric stripped away to promote running fast.

For our complete guide to understanding shoe type, check out our Learning Center: Shoe Type article

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When considering your next shoe purchase, take into account what type of activity the shoe will be used for and match it with the closest Shoe Type.

And for more information on additional factors to consider, visit our Learning Center!

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