Holiday Gift Guide for Her

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Having a hard time figuring out how to surprise that special runner in your life? Our holiday gift guide takes the guesswork out of giving. Choose the profiles below that fit the runners in your life for great gift ideas. Also check out our Men’s Gift Guide for more ideas.

The Marathoner (Back to Top)

26.2 miles is music to her ears. Every time you talk to her she wants to tell you about the next marathon she’s training for. Get her geared up for a new PR with great distance gear.

The Marathon Runner

The Competitor (Back to Top)

Whether it’s Track and Field or Cross Country, she’s got a need for speed. She even trains during her off-season, so equip her for her coming races in fast new gear.

The Competitor

The Trail Runner (Back to Top)

She seeks adventure and prefers to run on the trails. Give her technical gear that can keep up with her over rugged terrain and through inclement weather conditions.

The Trail Runner

The Masters Runner (Back to Top)

She’s an experienced runner who’s been at the game for a while. She demands performance and comfort of her running gear, so give her gear that will meet her standards.

The Masters Runner

The Beginner (Back to Top)

She’s just getting into running, but she’s already hooked. Equip her to take it to the next level with basic technical gear that will enhance her running experience.

The Beginning Runner

The Fitness Fanatic (Back to Top)

Whenever you text her she’s at the track. Or the gym. She runs to stay fit, so give her the gear she craves to keep her running strong all winter long.

The Fitness Fanatic

The Casual Runner (Back to Top)

She might not call herself a runner, but she laces up a pair of trainers once or twice a week, especially when the weather’s nice. Give her some comfy running clothes that will help her enjoy her run even more.

The Casual Runner

The Fashionable Femme (Back to Top)

She loves to run, and she wants to look good doing it. Give her versatile running pieces that will perform through her tough workouts and keep her sense of style satisfied.


Gifts Under $100 (Back to Top)

At the $100-ish price point, you have a ton of good options for gear the runner in your life will love. Here are just a few of our suggestions.

Gifts under $100

Gifts Under $50 (Back to Top)

Think 50 bucks won’t get you much? Think again. We have a wide range of apparel pieces and accessories to help the runner in your life improve her performance.

Gifts Under $50

Gifts Under $25 (Back to Top)

What a perfect way to pick up a few stocking stuffers! Every one of these items gives you an affordable way to encourage a runner and bring a smile to her face.

Gifts Under $25

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