Head to Head: New Balance Zante v2 vs Vazee Pace v2


Debuting in 2015, both the New Balance Zante and Vazee Pace have quickly gained popularity among runners as versatile performance training shoes. Updated versions (v2) of these trainers continue to provide the essence of the original designs, while offering small changes to provide enhancements in comfort and durability. With almost identical specs between the Zante v2 and Vazee Pace v2, many runners are asking “which New Balance performance shoe is right for me?”

With a 6mm offset and lightweight construction, both the Vazee Pace v2 and Zante v2 are suitable options for your faster days, while also having sufficient cushioning for longer distances. Between the two, the Vazee Pace v2 is going to provide an overall faster feel geared more towards workout day. The shoe provides a firmer ride with a more propulsive toe off. The Revlite midsole of the Vazee Pace v2 has a more responsive feel (sense of energy return). The Vazee Pace v2 also has a greater toe spring, for a quicker transition to toe off.

While the Zante v2 is a reliable shoe at faster paces, the versatile cushioning makes it the superior option for longer runs or even during slower efforts when you want a lighter shoe. The lightweight design feels fast when you pick up the pace, but the more forgiving ride of the Fresh Foam midsole does not provide as much of a speed-oriented feel as the Vazee Pace v2.

As performance shoes, both the Vazee Pace v2 and Zante v2 will fit on the snugger side but each offers its own unique fit. Overall, the Vazee Pace v2 delivers the snugger fitting experience. The upper locks down the foot for a secure feel at faster paces. However, the knit design provides a slightly stiff feel. If you prefer a more adaptable fit, you’ll want to check out the Zante v2. This shoe tends to accommodate more foot shapes than the Vazee Pace v2 and the engineered mesh provides a soft and flexible experience. The upper of the Zante v2 also provides more breathability making it the better option for longer runs in the summer heat.

In summary, if you are a runner looking for a snug, fast feeling shoe geared more towards workout efforts, the Vazee Pace v2 is the shoe for you. It is your speed-oriented performance shoe that has firm cushioning suitable for tempo runs or intervals. If you are looking for a more versatile performance experience, the Zante v2 is your shoe. The softer (but not soft) cushioning makes it a more suitable option for daily training but the lightweight design makes it a fast enough option for tempo efforts.


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