Free Mizuno Shoes in the Mezamashii Run Project!

Mizuno is on a quest to improve the experience of thousands of runners over the coming months by launching the invite-only Mezamashii Run Project. What’s “mezamashii”? It’s a Japanese word meaning “brilliant.” Mizuno wants to help more runners enjoy brilliant runs by trying out a new pair of Mizuno shoes – for free.

We’re giving away an invite code to the Project (learn more at to one lucky winner. The contest is open until 4:00 pm Pacific Time on Friday, July 6, 2012, and we’ll announce the winner next week on Facebook.

Congratulations to Deepak in Illinois, Melissa in Nebraska, and Adrienne in Texas – winners of our Mezamashii Project promo! Big thanks to all who entered and thanks to Mizuno for letting us invite 3 customers into the Project.

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