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Brooks PureCadence 3 Sneak Peek

Posted on August 9, 2013 in First Look Running Shoes

The Brooks PureCadence has been one of the strongest sellers in the company’s Pure Project line. We think that has a lot to do with the fact that it fills a niche for runners who want a more stripped-down shoe but still need a touch of pronation support. Plus, the PureCadence has a really enjoyable underfoot feel.

The PureCadence 3 is the first entirely new version since the shoe’s original launch in winter of 2011. (The Purecadence 2 has a fresh upper but carries over the original platform.)  That said, as you can see the design still retains much from prior versions, both in terms of appearance and functionality. It’s a classic case of ‘if it ain’t broke,’ and we like the look of the subtle updates.

What to Watch For

  • More ‘Ideal’: The Ideal Heel has a slightly increased bevel, a change you’ll see across the PureProject line for 2014. The idea is to provide a more fluid transition for forward foot strikes.
  • Repositioned Split Toe: Instead of allowing just the big to to move independently, the new split toe design treats the first two toes as a unit. Another change coming for all updated Pure shoes.
  • Updated Nav Band: The band extending across the midfoot is wider and changes from fabric to silicone, providing a more consistent and secure fit.
  • Slightly Streamlined: The PureCadence 3 will have a slightly narrower last in the midfoot for a more streamlined fit. Again, this is change that will be introduced to many PureProject updates.


Release Date
December 2013

Men’s Colors
Caribbean Sea/Black/High Risk Red Brooks PureCadence 3
White/Sulphur/Pavement Brooks PureCadence 3

Women’s Colors
White/Fuchsia/Anthracite Brooks PureCadence 3
Midnight/Caribbean/Silver PureCadence 3

Brooks PureCadence 3 Women's Running Shoe White/Fuchsia/Anthracite

Brooks PureCadence 3 Men's Running Shoes Caribbean Sea/Black/High Risk Red

Brooks PureCadence 3 Women's Running Shoes Midnight/Caribbean/Silver

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