Viva La Launch!

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So it turns out that rumors of the demise of the Brooks Launch have been greatly exaggerated. We learned this week that the Launch has been saved from the chopping block, rescued from the grave, pulled from the brink, insert additional metaphors here.

Now that the Launch remains safely in the land of the living, what’s the future have in store? 2013 brings a return of the Men’s Black/Silver/Nightlife colorway and the Women’s Cobalt/Aquarius/Silver colorway. We expect no new color updates until Spring 2014. Right now, we’re hearing that an updated version of the shoe is expected for Spring 2015, though we have no details of how extensive the update will be.

It’s pretty amazing that the Launch has made it as long as it has without an update. The shoe first “launched” in Fall 2009, making it a great granddad among the current crop of lightweight running shoes. All the new kids that came out in recent years got lighter and lighter, but the Launch still compares favorably to many new models and has developed quite a following of runners who use it as a speedy trainer or race day shoe.

Brooks Launch Colors for Men and Women Available in 2013

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