Brooks Launch 4 | First Look

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Brooks Launch 4 Women’s Sample (subject to change)

Available January 2017 – MSRP $100.00

The Brooks Launch is a performance-oriented shoe that straddles the line of uptempo-specific runs and daily trainer. While many shoes in this category have transitioned to lower heel-toe offsets, the Launch remains at 10mm. As such, it is easy for runners to switch back and forth between the Launch and the Brooks Ghost.

For 2017, the Launch 4 gets a new upper, and gets a little lighter along with a few other tweaks. The new upper is intended to fit the same as the outgoing model. But the 3D print, which helps provide structure, has been re-positioned. As such, we expect there to be subtle differences in fit, particularly in the toebox.


Brooks Launch 4 Outsole (subject to change)

The midsole gets both an aesthetic update and a functional change. Around the perimeter of the shoe, the midsole gets a faster look. Viewing the shoe from underneath, the shape of the heel cutout has been modified. The change is purported better allow “the heel to find its natural motion path”.

The outsole follows the same basic pattern of version 3, but more blown rubber has been added to the forefoot. The blown rubber enlargement replaces the area that was covered in carbon rubber. The change increases rebound, sheds a touch of weight, and decreases durability a bit.

Preliminary Tech Specs

Stack height*: 27mm heel, 17mm forefoot, 10mm heel-toe offset

Weight*: 9.0oz (men’s size 9), 7.6oz (women’s size 8)

*Production stack heights and weights may differ from the preliminary data listed here.

Current Model

Men’s Brooks Launch 3 | Women’s Brooks Launch 3 MSRP $100.00

Competing Shoes

Men’s adidas adizero Boston 6 | Women’s adidas adizero Boston 6 MSRP $120.00

Men’s Nike Zoom Elite 8 | Women’s Nike Zoom Elite 8 MSRP $115.00

Men’s ASICS FuzeX Lyte | Women’s ASICS Fuzex Lyte MSRP $85.00


Brooks Launch 4 Men’s Sample (subject to change)

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