Brooks Launch 3 | First Look

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Brooks Launch 3 Men's Shoe

Available January 2016 – MSRP $100.00

The forthcoming Brooks Launch 3 begs the question: Do runners still want performance running shoes with a 10mm heel-toe offset? The thinking goes like this: as you run faster you move further forward on your foot, so why would you want a shoe with a thick heel potentially getting in the way? Well, there are runners who heel strike regardless of speed and the extra padding in the heel is welcomed. Also, at the end of long tempo runs, a runner may fatigue and contact further back on the shoe and the heel thickness can be helpful. And, maybe most importantly, you can still midfoot strike in a shoe with a 10mm offset without issue.

I have just angered a group of runners (I will call them “heel-striking haters”), who scoff at any shoe with an offset over 6mm and are especially annoyed with go-fast shoes with higher offsets. The reality is there is no best way to run, and we need choices to meet the needs of all who run.

The Brooks Launch 3 gets a 3D print seamless upper for improved fit and comfort. Since the shoe carries over the somewhat soft yet responsive midsole of the Launch 2, the new version should continue to straddle the line of a long distance tempo shoe and fast-feeling daily trainer.

Preliminary Tech Specs

Stack height: 27mm heel, 17mm forefoot, 10mm heel-toe offset

Weight*: 9.8 oz (men’s size 9), 7.9 oz (women’s size 7) *Provided by manufacturer

Current Shoe

Brooks Launch 2 – MSRP $100.00 | Shop Men’s | Shop Women’s |

Competing Shoes

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