Brooks Green Silence and Mach 13 Racers – Color Ups

Brooks Green Silence in 4 New Colors for Fall '11 (Men's on the left, women's on the right)

A standard practice in the running shoe industry is to forgo any technical updates to a shoe model and instead do a color update (color up).  This generally happens at the halfway point between the initial product introduction and the introduction of the replacement model, or sometimes occurs as a “new” model.  Shown here are two examples of color ups for the Brooks racing line.  The Brooks Green Silence is a mid-season cosmetic introduction whereas the Brooks Mach 13 Racer has a new number designation to go along with the cosmetic update.

A trend in the industry has been adding bright colors to the midsoles of popular models as well as adding brightly colored uppers to the mix.  Both are in display in the new Green Silence for Fall 2011.  You shouldn’t be too surprised if you see these colorful Green Silence Racers appearing out of a Nissan Leaf on the feet of a potential Starbucks customer who look like they’ve never run a step in their life.  With the color combos shown above, we’re guessing Brooks is going for some retail placement, outside the traditional running specialty channel, that appeals to the Green crowd.

Brooks Mach 13. Spiked and Spikeless Models Available. (Women's above, Men's shown in inset)

Sometimes a company is very happy with a current shoe and instead of doing anything drastic for the updated version, they leave it technically unchanged, spiff up the cosmetics and call it the next number down the line.  Such is the case with the new Brooks Mach 13.  Same shoe, but with a new wild appearance.  In regard to this new look, our staff is torn.  Some think it’s great, others not so much.  Definitely a case of divisive styling.

Both the Brooks Green Silence and Brooks Mach 13 will remain unchanged from the current versions in terms of midsole, outsole, upper materials and fit, the only change is in the cosmetics, in which case Brooks is not playing it safe.  The new Green Silence and Mach 13’s are definitely going to have a love or hate factor surrounding them.  Like ’em or not, expect both at Running Warehouse in July 2011.

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