Brooks Cascadia 5 and Defyance 3 Just Arrived

The newest updates on two of the most popular models from Brooks; the Cascadia 5 and the Defyance 3 have just arrived at RW.  The Brooks Cascadia 5 looks a lot better in production than I remember the pre-production samples looking.  It probably has little to do with the shoe and everything to do with the vision of the author.  This newest Cascadia should continue to appeal to a large cross section of trail runners and continue it’s dominance as the #1 trail shoe on the market.  We have two colors in the men’s and women’s versions.

Brooks Cascadia 5 for Men in Pavement

Brooks Cascadia 5 for Men in Green

Brooks Cascadia 5 for Women in Java

Brooks Cascadia 5 for Women in Port

The Defyance 3 is a modest update to the popular Defyance 2.  Essentially a neutral version of the Adrenaline GTS 9, this model will not disappoint those who’ve come to rely on this model.

Brooks Defyance 3 for Men

Brooks Defyance 3 for Women