ASICS Roadhawk FF Running Shoe Review by Chris Cross the Nation

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For those who didn’t know, this week is the third week in Chris Miller’s five-month run across the United States. He has now completed 16 days out of his 149-day itinerary and covered over 300 miles! To learn more about Chris and how he and his team plan to traverse the country while working towards improving the national dialogue on long-term addiction recovery, check out our Q&A with Chris.

Because we think that Chris and his crew’s cause is highly deserving of support, we wanted to show our love in the best way we know how: running shoes! Before he started, we sent Chris a pair ASICS Roadhawk FF’s, and after running in them, Chris shared his thoughts in the video shoe review below. Enjoy!

Shop the ASICS Roadhawk FF: Men’s | Women’s

To follow along with Chris as he works his way through the remainder of Pennsylvania and beyond, check out the website and the handle @ChrisCrossTheNation on Facebook and Instagram. You can even meet Chris to run with him along his route!

As for us, we wish Chris the best as he continues to Make the Movement Move. Someone who can make running a positive for both themselves and others is certainly a person after our own hearts.

Will has been running competitively since high school, and is currently running with the HOKA Aggies, a post-collegiate club here on the central coast of California. With a preference for the humorous and the verbose, he enjoys playing the wordsmith almost as much as his daily runs.

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