Asics GT 2170 Trail – Our Take

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Asics GT-2170 Trail Women's Running Shoe

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Asics’ popular 2170, with a fresh outsole geared for trail duty. This hybrid shoe offers a sticky outsole that can give you just the traction you need off-road.
(View Men’s 2170 Trail and Women’s 2170 Trail.)

Runners Say

“As expected, this shoe still feels just like a 2170 – which is to say, it’s got great comfort, an amazing fit, and a smooth transition. It’s a good option for someone who does a mix of road and hard-packed trail running. But this shoe’s certainly not right for the serious trail runner – the technical features just aren’t there.” – Matt

“Of course the fit and ride of this shoe is great, since it’s on the 2170 platform. I could see a runner who just loves the 2170 buying a pair of these for days when they want to do a little off-roading.” – Joanna

Big Updates

  • 2170 Design Updates: The 2170 trail benefits from the new design of the 2170 road shoe. Asics was careful to innovate without rocking the boat too much in this popular model.
  • Gusseted Tongue Gone: The 2160 Trail had a gusseted tongue to keep out rocks and debris. Customer feedback indicated that feature wasn’t particularly necessary, so Asics went back to a traditional tongue on this model.

Road Test

As you would expect from a comfy road shoe injected with just a smidge of trail DNA, the GT 2170 Trail rides a whole lot like the road version of the shoe. In fact, we’d bet that most runners wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in a blind race test.

That’s a good thing if all you want in a trail shoe is a little bit of extra grip. And we do mean a little bit. The trail-specific outsole on the 2170 Trail is definitely stickier than the road shoe’s outsole, and it adds a bunch of tiny pyramid-shaped grips on the outsole as well. But that’s really the only thing differentiating the Trail from the road version. It’s a great choice for the runner who wants to option to go off-road and feel confident about having a little extra traction. Other shoes in this category worth a look are the Nike Pegasus Trail (Men’s and Women’s) and Brooks Adrenaline ASR (Men’s and Women’s).

For someone who needs a more dedicated trail shoe and would like to stick with the Asics line, there are a few other models to consider. In the support category, the Asics Gel Trabuco 14 (see Men’s and Women’s) still provides plenty of cushion along with a water-resistant, trail-specific upper and a WET GRIP outsole designed to increase traction on wet surfaces.

In the neutral category, the Trail Sensor 5 (see Men’s and Women’s) is Asics’ most high-feature trail shoe. It offers a cushioned ride along with many helpful features for the trail, including a specially designed lacing system, Trail Sensor midsole that adjusts to uneven terrain, and a forefoot rockplate to minimize stone bruising.

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