Asics Gel Lyte33 3 Sneak Peak

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Since its intro, the Gel Lyte33 has been overshadowed by the Saucony Kinvara and the Brooks PureFlow, its two closest competitors. That’s too bad, especially with the Gel Lyte33 2, the current version of the shoe that has one of the liveliest rides we’ve experienced in quite some time. We expect the Gel Lyte33 3 (that’s a whole lotta 3’s) to build on the positive traits of the latest version and offer the most dialed-in fit and performance of this shoe model to date.

What to Watch For

  • Serious Weight Reduction: Asics lists weights of 6.8 oz for Men’s 9 and 5.5 oz for Women’s 7. That’s down well over an ounce on the Men’s side and almost 2 ounces on the Women’s side.
  • Simplified Platform: The Gel Lyte33 2 combined Solyte and SpEVA midsole compounds to create a responsive yet cushioned feel. In the update, the SpEVA is replaced with a full Solyte platform, which is a big reason for the shoe’s weight reduction.
  • FluidAxis Continues: First launched on the Gel Lyte33 2, FluidAxis midsole geometry returns in this shoe and will be a part of all 33 collection shoes for Spring 2014.
  • Simplified Upper: Asics calls it “nearly seamless,” and it also has practically no overlays. We expect this new upper design to appeal to runners with a broad range of foot shapes.
  • LA Marathon Edition: Asics will again sponsor the Los Angeles Marathon in 2014, and will produce special Men’s and Women’s colorways of the Lyte33 3 to promote the race.

Release Date
February 2014


Men’s Colors
Yellow/Black/Silver Gel Lyte33 3
White/Black/Red Gel Lyte33 3
LA Marathon Edition Gel Lyte33 3

Women’s Colors
Pink/Lime/Green Gel Lyte33 3
Grape/White/Coral Gel Lyte33 3
LA Marathon Edition Gel Lyte33 3

Asics Gel Lyte33 3 Women's Running Shoe Pink/Lime/Green

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