Asics Gel Blur33 2.0 – Our Take

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Asics Gel Blur33 2.0 Men's Running Shoe

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With a new upper designed to move more freely with your foot, the Asics Gel Blur33 2.0 furthers its mission of being flexible and nimble.
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Big Updates

  • MONO-SOCK Upper: The upper is now constructed with a stretch mesh that holds the shoe on the foot with a slipper-like feel.
  • External Cage: Material surrounding the MONO-SOCK wraps the midfoot for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Carryover Mid/Outsole: No changes were made to the looks or functionality of the Blur33’s platform.

Road Test

Less than a year after the original Blur33 was launched, the Blur33 2.0 hits the market with a redesigned upper. Just some new style and new colors, right? Not according to our testers, who found the change in the upper to create a shoe that feels very different from its predecessor.

No changes were made to the midsole, cushioning tech or outsole. That means you still get a responsive ride that’s on the firmer side for an Asics shoe. Heel strikers will continue to find a good amount of rear Gel cushioning to ease their landing, combined with a springy forefoot. Testers that prefer a midfoot strike found the platform to be firm overall with a nice amount of energy return at liftoff.

The new and noteworthy update is the upper. The Blur33 2.0’s stretch mesh upper fits very differently from the fit of the original shoe. Gone is the close, hug-your-foot feel. In its place, you get a more traditional fit and an upper material that stretches a bit so your foot can do its thing.

Testers found just the right amount of wiggle room up front, but had to do some work to get the lacing tightened up just right in the midfoot to feel secure without being scrunched in. What testers really wanted was a narrower heel or the ability to adjust the heel fit with an additional eyelet on the heel collar. But attention runners with a wide heel: this shoe should be on your list. The Blur33 2.0 is a solid choice for runners who want the benefit of Asics’ core technologies along with a more stripped-down feel compared to traditional running shoes.

Runners Say

“The only update is to the upper, but the transition feels smoother than I remember in the original Blur. I’d choose this over the Cumulus for a firmer ride.” – Daniel

“Up until the midfoot, this shoe fits me almost perfectly. But the laces were a little difficult for me to adjust and I had too much room in the heel.” – Matt

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