Apparel Buying Guide: Saucony Training Arsenal Collection

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Training…the process of building strength, speed, and endurance before a big race. Everything feels pretty smooth, but you want it to be seamless. Did you know that apparel is crafted to better suit different types of runs? It can be a little tricky to figure out what goes where, so we created the Saucony Training Arsenal Collection for women who want their apparel lineup made simple.

Easy Days: These are the days when you should feel completely relaxed while cruising through the miles, right? The days when running is stress free and easy, right? That’s a thing, right? Right. Starting off with a standard trainer, the Ride 9 (soon to be Ride 10) offers comfort without weighing you down. Are you a support runner? Try out the Ride’s cousin, the Guide. This shoe is a go-to for its durability and comfort, making easy days as recovery-inducing as they should be. Moving up, meet the Saucony Scoot Capri, a soft and stretchy capri with a wide waistband for comfort and storage. Yep, that waistband shadows as a pocket as well. Now let’s move on to the Daybreak tank, a lightweight tank that provides exceptional breathability and wonderfully bright style. I’d like to highlight the back because it not only aligns with recent fashion trends but also gives you extra ventilation to keep that easy day as cool as can be. The Freedom cap tops it all off with a personalized fit while keeping you out of the sun’s harsh rays. Go out stylish, secure, and relaxed for the miles ahead.

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Long Run Days: These days happen to be both my favorite and least favorite days. When things feel good, they are good for a long time, but if one thing is off, I have an entire long run to suffer. The Triumph ISO 3 is a premium trainer built to cushion each footfall while providing energy return from its full-length Everun midsole. Are you a support runner? Try out the Hurricane ISO 3. This running shoe is reliable, comfortable, durable, and just right for the long run. Looking up, the PE short is a lightweight short that wicks away sweat while providing optimal freedom of movement. With built-in pockets, you can run assured that you have everything you’ll need. Lightweight, breathable, and stylish, the Strider tank is soft against your skin so that you can stay focused on the miles ahead. Last, but certainly not least, the Speed Run visor keeps you shaded while wicking away sweat. I didn’t think I was a visor person until I tried this guy on.

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Race Day: Of all the days to get it right, race day relies the most on doing everything you can to put yourself in the best position possible. Get nice and warm in the Boston pant, an ultra-soft pant with a relaxed fit so that you can remove them with ease. Now let’s talk about that racing flat. The Endorphin Racer 2 is a lightweight racing flat that provides fantastic energy return and just enough traction to propel you through your road race. If you’re a support runner, look into the Fastwitch 8! Moving on, say hello to the Endorphin split short. This short is built as light as they come with a side split to let your legs move as freely as possible. These babies are built for race day. Finally, meet my personal favorite, the Endorphin Singlet. This singlet is simple. It is lightweight, breathable, not too tight, and not too loose…simple perfection.

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