Altra 3-Sum Sneak Peek

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Altra 3-Sum Men's Shoe

Altra makes its debut offering for the triathlon market with the aptly named 3-Sum. Two points to Altra for cleverness. It’s no secret that the tri world tends to have a knack for being an early adopter of newer tech (such as Altra shoes). We think a fair number of these will find their way to a transition area near you. Altra got the 3-Sum down to 6.7 oz for a Men’s size 9 and 5.9 oz in a Women’s 8.

What to Watch For

  • Barefoot Friendly Upper: A seamless interior will reduce friction on the foot, ideal for wearing the shoe sockless.
  • Yankz Lacing System: Production models will come with pre-installed Yankz brand quick laces for quick bike-to-run transitions. (Not pictured)
  • ‘Natural Running’ Traits: A cushioned, zero drop platform encourages an efficient stride while a wide toebox allows for natural toe splay through the gait cycle.


Launch Date
March 2013 Late April 2013

Men’s Color
Orange 3-Sum

Women’s Color
Aqua 3-Sum

Altra 3-Sum Men's Shoe

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