Adidas adiStar Ride 4 – Our Take

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Adidas adiStar Ride 4 Men's Running Shoe

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A max feature shoe for the neutral runner, Ride 4 doles out plenty of cush and plush but doesn’t totally disconnect you from the road.
(View Men’s Ride 4 and Women’s Ride 4.)

Runners Say

“There’s a ton of cushion in this shoe – particularly in the heel – but there’s a feeling of integrity in the cushioning technology that makes me think you’ll enjoy that ‘first try on’ feeling longer in this shoe than other maximum feature trainers.” – Daniel

“For long-lasting comfort, it’s hard to beat the Ride 4. Your feet sit high off the ground, surrounded by a plush upper. I liked the heel cushioning, and it’s impressive how much comfort they packed into this shoe given its weight.” – Joanna

“At first, it was Tale of Two Shoes for me in the Ride 4. I’d land on a chunky, pillowy heel and then get some actual road feel in the forefoot, which isn’t as soft as many other shoes in this category. But after a little more time in the shoe, I started to appreciate the heel-to-toe transition.” – Matt

Big Updates

  • Microsuede Upper: This lining provides a soft and cozy home for your foot.
  • Active Formotion: A stretch panel in the midfoot wraps the foot for an adaptive fit.
  • Memory Foam Heel Collar: For a more customized fit in the heel, adidas adds a Fitfoam heel collar.

Road Test

“Cushion for sale…get your cushion here…lots and lots of cushion!” We envision an Adidas product rep shouting out something like this on the nearest streetcorner to attract some interest to the Ride 4. And cushion certainly is a big story for this shoe – but not the only one.

The Ride 4 gets a healthy dose of adiPRENE+, an EVA-based foam cushioning technology, along with a decoupled heel to help you land safely and securely. The upper also envelopes your foot with a soft, rich fit.

But it’s not like you’re just sticking your foot in a big tub of butter. The technology that gives this shoe structure never feels completely lost, so you still feel some connection to the road and a stable, purposeful ride. The forefoot in particular feels responsive at toe-off.

All testers were impressed by the build quality on this shoe. More than one of us commented that it reminds us of a high-end German car in terms of fit and finish, comfort and solidity.

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