Adidas Adipure Collection Sneak Peek

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Looking for more options for lighter and lower running shoes? These three fresh models from Adidas will give you more choices for how low you want to go when it comes to a more minimal running experience.

All three shoes are built on the idea of providing less cushioning and a more streamlined fit than traditional running shoes. Heel-to-toe offsets have also been reduced on the lineup to encourage a more mid-to-forefoot footstrike.

The collection will be releasing in late August 2012.

The Models

Adidas Adipure Motion Women's Shoe

Adipure Motion
8mm Offset
Weight: 7.5 oz (M) / 6.3 oz (W)
The most traditional shoe in the Adipure range, the Motion is designed for heel strikers to take their first steps toward a midfoot strike pattern. The dual-layer midsole still provides a good amount of cushioning, and the mesh-sock upper provides a close, near-seamless fit that still gives plenty of room for your foot to flex. Additional structure in the upper is provided by the rubberized print overlay. The Men’s Blue/White Motion shown above at left and the Women’s Black/Purple Motion at right will be available at launch. MSRP $110.00

Adidas Adipure Gazelle Men's Shoe

Adipure Gazelle
6mm Offset
Weight: 6.0 oz (M) / 5.0 oz (W)
The intermediate shoe in the Adipure lineup, the Gazelle brings your foot a little more level with the ground. The upper construction is very similar to the Motion, with the mesh-sock upper, rubberized print, and minimal overlays. The platform provides some protection and a bit of cushion, with a ride that’s more on the firm side. Expect a very flexible and nimble experience. A Women’s Black/Purple Gazelle will be available at launch, in addition to the Men’s Red Gazelle shown at right and above. MSRP $100.00

Adidas Adipure Adapt Women's Shoe

Adipure Adapt
4mm Offset
Weight: 4.8 oz (M) / 4.0 oz (W)
A near-barefoot shoe with just 15mm of material underfoot in the heel and 11mm of material in the forefoot, the Adapt is just about as low as you can get and still have some protection from pebbles and debris. The laceless upper is easy to slip on thanks to the Velcro loops, and the mesh-sock upper keeps the shoe securely on your foot. The platform provides a good amount of protection for how little material it contains. Women’s Purple Adapt (right) and Men’s Blue Adapt (above) are available at launch. MSRP $90.00

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