A Deeper Look At HOKA ONE ONE

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Is it pronounced “won won”? Or is “oh-nay oh-nay”? We have heard it both ways directly from the horse’s mouth. As it stands currently, you can safely use “one one”, pronounced just like the number. We will keep you updated if it changes.

Loosely translated from the Maori language, HOKA ONE ONE means “time to fly”. An appropriate sentiment for a design concept that intends to create an effortless running experience. HOKA creators Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard dreamed of creating a series of shoes for trail racing in the iconic European mountain ranges, centered around superb protection, performance, and pleasure.

Inspired by the concept of over-sized technology in skiis, mountain bike tires, and tennis rackets, the first HOKA shoe was born. It was believed by offering a larger “sweet spot”, the user would have a better chance at success in their running endeavors. The hope was born that by having the bulked up materials in the shoe absorb more impact forces from the ground, the runner would have a positive and enjoyable experience. In tandem with adding tons of cushioning, the brand also uses geometric shaping and various heel-toe offsets to forge a unique offering to runners of many styles and preferences.

As the pendulum swung away from the rapid popularity in “minimalist” or “natural” shoes, HOKA ONE ONE was seemingly destined to hit the market at the perfect time. Consequently, the term “maximalism” arose in the industry, offering runners a resolution to their new injury woes by promoting “over sized shoes” with gargantuan aesthetics and so much cushioning they’ll forget they’re actually running. HOKA ONE ONE continues to be at the forefront of this wave, offering a full line of maximal shoes for various surfaces and shoe types.

For more information on HOKA ONE ONE shoes or to shop, check out our brand pages: Men’s HOKA shoes | Women’s HOKA shoes.

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