3 Best Running Shoes of 2016 for Hot, Humid Days

Last week, we received a request for an article on shoe options for dealing with the summer heat and humidity. You might think that since Running Warehouse is in California, we can’t relate at all since we do not have to deal with these conditions regularly. Many of us do destination runs in different regions, however, and through those experiences we can speak to the challenge of a hot and humid summer run.

The longer your run, the more the environment will take its toll. For runs of around 30 to 45 minutes, normal running shoes should be fine. But as your running exceeds an hour, you will want a shoe that holds less moisture in the upper materials, allows moisture to drain out, or has enhanced breathability. Here are your best bets for 2016.

Versatile Daily Trainer

Pearl Izumi Tri N2: Sure, it’s marketed as a triathlon shoe, but you don’t swim or bike with it. You run with it. A thin, open mesh design allows the shoe to quickly shed moisture. It has enough cushioning for running seven days a week. It also has a fast enough feel that it can be used for tempo runs. And if you are not fan of stretch laces, you can always cut them out and replace them with a pair of Knotley laces.

PearlTriN2Men    PearlTriN2Women

| Men’s Pearl Izumi Tri N2 |     | Women’s Pearl Izumi Tri N2 |

Uptempo Trainer

New Balance Zante 2 Breathe: As the more breathable version of the Zante 2, the Breathe version allows for greater airflow. There is still a little too much upper material than we would like for damp conditions, but it’s better than the other tempo shoes in the market.

NBZante2BreatheMen     NBZante2BreatheWomen

| Men’s New Balance Zante 2 Breathe |     | Women’s New Balance Zante 2 Breathe |

Racing Shoe

ASICS Hyper Speed 7: With a porous innersole and drainage ports, the Hyper Speed 7 allows moisture to be expelled through the bottom of the shoe. It also has a thin, light upper to reduce water retention. We prefer this upper to the one found on the Hyper Tri 2, which shares the same platform as the Hyper Speed 7.

ASICSHypeSpeed7Mens     ASICSHyperSpeed7Womens

| Men’s ASICS Hyper Speed 7 |     | Women’s ASICS Hyper Speed 7 |

Keep in mind, socks are going to play a large role as well. A thinner sock is going to be better. Less material means less space for moisture to be held. But a thin sock in and of itself is not enough. Fabric content and construction play a big role as well. We find the Drymax Hyper Thin socks to be the driest among available socks.

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