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#IWantThePeregrine Instagram Contest

March 28th, 2014

So we’re going to be bold and say that we think the Saucony Peregrine 4 is one of the best trail shoes of 2014. The lightweight, low profile shoe just begs you to attack the trails, while the aggressively lugged outsole grips the terrain with unrelenting traction. Apparently we aren’t the only ones who are loving the shoe – Runner’s World gave it the top honor of Editor’s Choice in their 2014 Spring Trail Shoe Guide.

To celebrate the award, we’re teaming up with Saucony to give away three pairs of the Peregrine 4 on Instagram. You know, to spread the love. Read more…

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Get Custom Running Uniforms for Your Team

February 15th, 2013

Did you know that Running Warehouse caters to team orders? We make it extremely easy to find the colors and brands you need for your team or club uniforms. More and more track coaches, cross-country coaches, and running club presidents are choosing us for all their team gear at the lowest everyday prices. Visit our Team Sales page or call our Teams Department directly at 855-798-3267 to see how we can help you.

We offer running uniforms from Nike, Asics, Brooks, adidas and more. Our selection includes singlets, tech tops, shorts, speedsuits, and track pants, along with a selection of sport bags, replacement spikes, and other accessories.

But we don’t just sell team apparel. We also go above and beyond with custom screen printing and embroidery options. That means that with just a quick phone call and email to us, you can be on your way to having custom uniforms delivered right to your doorstep. No need to track down a screen printer in your area. Screen printing from us can cost as little as $3 per shirt for quantities of 60 or more.

We also offer help designing logos and artwork, if you don’t already have your graphics ready to go. We’ve worked hard to make our Teams Department a one stop shop for your team uniforms and running accessories – let us know what you think!

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Our Online Running Gait Analysis Service

February 6th, 2013

If you’re new to running (or maybe even if you’ve been at it for awhile), you might be wondering what the deal is with this whole ‘gait analysis’ thing. So glad you asked!

Running Warehouse offers a free online running gait analysis to help you find a running shoe that fits your running mechanics. Our gait analysis service allows us to evaluate whether you exhibit overpronation, neutral pronation or supination. Based on your gait analysis, specialists at Running Warehouse will be able to recommend appropriate shoe models for your running mechanics.

It’s important to run in a shoe that complements your running mechanics, because it can help prevent joint and other injuries when you train. Logging miles in a shoe that doesn’t suit your running mechanics can cause discomfort and can increase your risk of running injury. When you lace up – even if it’s just for a few miles – it’s best to be in a shoe that fits your gait.

To create and submit a gait analysis, place a video camera focused on your legs and feet behind a treadmill in your home or gym. Run at a comfortable pace for 10-15 seconds. Transfer your video to your computer and save it as an .avi, .mov (Quicktime), or .wmv (Windows Media) file format. Email your video as an attachment to

Make sure to include the make and model of the shoe you’re wearing during the filming of your video, so that we can more accurately assess your gait.

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Running Warehouse Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

November 12th, 2012

We know we have more than a few “competitive shoppers” as customers. We’re talking about you if you plan weeks ahead of time to find the best deals and specials after Thanksgiving for your running needs.

If you’re strategizing now to take full advantage of sales happening at the end of the month, we want to give you a little insight into what to expect from Running Warehouse on these key holiday shopping days.

2 Days to Save
We’ll have sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Expect the Black Friday sale to be fairly limited, focused on select items. Even though we aren’t planning a huge Black Friday sale, we think it’s still worth stopping by our site to see the specials.

Cyber Monday is when the big deals are planned. Exactly what’s in the works? You’ll have to wait until the big day to find out, but we expect a lot of customers to be pretty jazzed about the deals they find.

Be the First to Know
Make sure you’re the first to learn about all our sales by signing up for our email list at the bottom left of our homepage. Also, Like us on Facebook and click on “Get Notifications” under the Like button on our page to make sure you see all our posts on sales and specials.

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Website Feature of the Week – Product Vlogs

January 23rd, 2012

First off, we get the sense that at least a few of you out there are asking, “What the heck is a vlog?” It’s not a new genetically engineered animal species or an alien race from an old Star Trek episode. No, vlogs are our video blogs…get it? They help us showcase the features and highlights of upcoming shoes, apparel and running accessories.

Every week, we put out a vlog geared toward Men’s or Women’s products. If you haven’t watched one of our blogs before, click on the tiles in this post to go directly to the vlog archive. You can also find a quick link to the latest vlog on the right-hand side of the Men’s or Women’s homepage. Click on the video and get ready for an in-depth look at the latest shoe models and new running gear.

Whenever you’re on the site and would like to check out some older vlog episodes, you can scroll down below our current vlog to see videos in the archive. The vlogs are also accessible from our Learning Center, under the Video Vault. Basically, they’re all over the place – we do that because we want to make it easy for you to find information on the latest running gear.

More Videos to Watch

And while we’re on the topic of video, our Learning Center offers plenty of video clips, with many more on the way in the coming months. Click on the Learning Center for:

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Website Feature of the Week: Experienced Shoe Finder

January 13th, 2012

Women's Experienced Shoe Finder

We’ve got hundreds of running shoes on our website. That level of selection is one of the reasons our customers love us so much. But it also presents a bit of a problem: how do you find that one perfect pair for you out of all the shoe types, brands and sizes we carry?

Men's Experienced Shoe Finder

Enter the Running Warehouse Experienced Shoe Finder (available for Women and for Men). In just seconds you can select your size and some other features to narrow down your search. Click the Search button and our finder does the rest, returning a list of shoes that match all your chosen characteristics.

Narrowing Down Your Options

The only required field for our Experienced Shoe Finder is your shoe size. But you won’t want to stop there. Here are some other ways you can pinpoint the right shoe for your needs:

  • Price Range: Find a shoe that fits your budget.
  • Brand: Limit your search only to brands you’d want to wear.
  • Shoe Width: If you have a narrow or wide foot, be sure to click here.
  • Shoe Type: Road? Trail? Lightweight? Tell us what you need.
  • Pronation Control Level: Find shoes that give you a proper level of support.
  • Feature Level: Choose from bare bones to bells and whistles.
  • Heel-To-Toe Drop: If you have a preference, select it here.

You can always find our shoe search tools by clicking on “Search Shoes” under Product Finders on the right-hand side of the Men’s or Women’s homepage.

Check out last week’s Feature on Shoefitr to see something else that’s something special on our site.

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Website Feature of the Week: Shoefitr

January 6th, 2012

So last week we were sitting around talking about how the Running Warehouse website is pretty great. You know, just another day of tooting our own horn. But then we realized that there are probably a lot of our customers who don’t know just how cool the site really is, because they’ve only scratched the surface.

Well we’re here to help you scratch a little deeper. Each week, we’re going to start sharing our horn-tootin’ with the rest of you. Starting off this week, our focus is on Shoefitr.

A shoe and a ruler. That's the proven recipe for Shoefitr awesomeness.

Accurate Shoe Sizing in Seconds

Shoefitr may be old news to a lot of you. After all, it’s been on our site since summer 2010. Shoefitr’s 3D shoe images also regularly appear in Running Times magazine and on But some runners still haven’t seen Shoefitr in action. Here’s the rundown: Shoefitr tells you your size in a new shoe based on your size in your current shoe. How does it perform this magic? Measurements, measurements, measurements. And then some more measurements.

Shoefitr In Depth

The Shoefitr folks are based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where they’ve set up a product testing lab to perform detailed, 3D measurements of shoes. The goal is to measure each new model very soon after its release, while keeping an archive of older models for comparison purposes. For an accurate gauge of fit and sizing, several different sizes in both Men’s and Women’s models are measured for each shoe. Shoefitr has scanned models from 46 different manufacturers. The company currently has 1706 shoe models in its database, a number that continues to grow every month as new models are released.

Making Shoefitr Work for You

  1. Go to the product page for a shoe you are considering purchasing.
  2. Click on the ‘Show me how it fits!’ button to the right of the picture of the shoe.
  3. Enter the model and size you are currently wearing.
  4. Click the ‘Compare how they fit!’ button.
  5. Shoefitr will recommend a size and show you a 3D image of where the shoe you’d like to purchase may be tighter or looser than the one you currently wear.

Not seeing the Shoefitr button so you can get started? You can add “?disable-shoefitr-test” to the end of the URL for the product page you are on and the button will be displayed.

Stay tuned next Friday for another Website Feature of the Week!

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October 11th, 2010

Several months back I received an email out of the blue by a young man named Nick End.  Nick introduced himself as a former collegiate runner for Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania.  He and two classmates had developed a program that could suggest the proper size of shoe to order based on the size of your current shoe.  It could also compare the fit of different shoes using internal measurements. I was skeptical.  How could you effectively and accurately compare the size and internal dimensions of various shoes?

Shoefitr, the latest fit-help addition to Running Warehouse

Even though I was skeptical, I was very interested in the premise.  Key barriers against customers ordering shoes online are not knowing what size to order or how a shoe will fit. If Nick actually had a program that could compare the size and fit of various models and it worked, you could increase customer confidence in ordering while hopefully decreasing the return rate.  An added bonus would be the ability over time to compare shoes from past seasons to current available models.  How many times have you heard “Remember Shoe X, I loved the fit of that shoe.  I wish I could find a shoe that fit like that again.”  Over time this would help solve that dilemma.

Read more…

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