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Elite Oregon Club Teams Take to the Track

June 25th, 2014

Galen Rupp in an OTC uniform (photo:

Of late, American distance running is going through a bit of an identity crisis spawned from the fact that the athletes participating seemingly have no identity. When the best track athletes graduate from college and sign endorsement contracts, they join a team that in many cases spans the globe. While an endorsement deal is a momentous time for both brand and athlete, it is also a great feeling to be a part of something larger than one’s self. It is difficult for fans to grapple with these teams in the same way that they root for their favorite basketball team or university. At the same time, runners have always come together in training groups centered around coaches, but with endorsement deals taking precedence, they haven’t branded themselves as unique.

However, that started to change a little bit when Vin Lananna took over as the University of Oregon Track coach and dragged Frank Gagliano (later replaced by Mark Rowland) to Eugene to revive the Oregon Track Club. The Oregon Track Club has a tremendously successful history and its revival as an elite program was an integral complement to the community Lanana was trying to foster. This brought a wave of quality athletes to Eugene to sign with Nike, but instead of the generic Nike singlet, they wore an Oregon Track Club jersey, which was the first bit of differentiation among Nike athletes.

Meanwhile, Alberto Salazar created a group in 2001 in Portland. Seeing that Portland is also in Oregon, someone decided that his group was also the Oregon Track Club. Alberto Salazar had a heart attack in 2007 and recruited Jerry Schumacher as his replacement. Jerry brought a new crew while Alberto’s heart mended. There were three groups with three different coaches that hardly interacted with one another, wearing the same uniform.

In 2011, Oregon Project athletes started looking different. There was no formal announcement or marketing push, there was just a black uniform with a mysterious skull garnished with olive branches that Galen Rupp and company started wearing. Last year shoes and apparel with this logo became available through Nike catalogs to stores like ours. Enticed, we jumped on it instantly knowing that there is certainly a market for it.

Shalane Flanagan rocking her new kit (photo:

The process of differentiating the three Oregon groups completed earlier this year when Jerry Schumacher’s team became the Bowerman Track Club and Shalane Flanagan debuted their new uniform and logo at the Boston Marathon. The name originated from the local Portland team, Bowerman Athletic Club. The local youth and open athletes that were in BAC will be rolled into BTC with their new, very fast company.

So now, three of the premier track clubs in the country, each boasting Olympic medalists, finally have distinguishable brands and additional ability to cultivate a following. Hopefully, this inspires other premier clubs in the country, like the Brooks Beasts and Asics Mammoth Track Club, to produce gear for their fans as well.

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Employee Picks for the Holiday Season

November 22nd, 2013

Posted by Allie, Friday November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving is next week, Hanukkah starts on Wednesday, and Christmas will be knocking on our doors really soon. Christmas songs are on repeat on my ipod and my shopping is done, so basically Christmas is tomorrow in my mind.  You might say I’m crazy, but I say, have fun with those crazy crowds, and I’ll enjoy my hot chocolate by the fireplace!

For those of you who aren’t as holiday-nuts as I am, waiting for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, we’ve put together some of our top picks for 2013.

Taro, our resident blogger, tweeter and video personality, went for a footwear-apparel combo pack.

Nike Tailwind SS V-Neck – Once reserved only for the fashion elite, v-necks deserve to be more prominent in running apparel. The neckline of this Nike Tailwind tee sits perfectly – deep enough to give you some Euro-flair, shallow enough to be accessible to those switching from the lesser crewneck. In addition, the poly-cotton blend might be confused for the fur of a pubescent otter (though of course no otters were harmed in the making of this fine piece of apparel). Intelligently positioned air holes grace the armpits to keep you as a cool as a Klondike bar, and a rear zipper pocket gives you a place to store the compliments awarded when wearing this shirt.

Salomon Snowcross CS – Full disclosure: I don’t live anywhere near the snow. I’ve never lived near the snow, and because of my fragile and sensitive body (it truly is a temple), I will go out of my way to avoid the white stuff. But the Salomon Snowcross CS could make me reconsider. Dude, just look at it! This thing is a weapon. With the underfoot spikes, you will laugh in the face of ice. Look at the hightop design! All the snow will try to get in your shoe but the built in gaiter will block every attempt. This shoe is ready to do battle with snowmobiles, avalanches, and Santa Claus himself.

Tera, our retail store manager, took a little more, ahem, realistic outlook on her gift choices for 2013.

Hoka Kailua Trail – I have so many ultra-running friends that use and absolutely love Hoka trail shoes. I have a road shoe right now, the Bondi 2, but really want to experience the reduced pounding and less leg fatigue on the trails. This one in particular has a reduced midsole height compared to the other Hoka’s so hopefully it won’t make me feel so vertically challenged on the trails.

Nathan VaporShape 2L Vest – I’m in desperate need of a new pack for trail outings. My current Nathan Intensity has seen better days. I’m interested in the VaporShape for the comfortable fit and reduced bouncing of the 4-point strap system. Also, it’s pretty cool that it has a front holster for a water bottle if you need one. The little electrolyte compartment on the chest strap is also a plus! I’d probably go for the white one since it has a really fresh look.

Erik is a footwear buyer here at the ‘House and like Tera, his wish list has a couple trail goodies on it.

Petzl NAO – When you are heading out for a long night run and you want to light up the trails, the Petzl NAO will light the way and then some. Long lasting and high powered, the NAO is fully customizable to meet your needs. Among the many cool features of this headlamp, the REACTIVE technology automatically adapts light output while you’re running, turning down the brightness when you are focusing up close and cranking it back up when you need to see distance. It’s more efficient and improves battery life.

UltrAspire Alpha 2013 – With 70oz of hydration in a rear bladder and a minimal design, the Alpha will keep you set on the trails for the adventure of your choice. This pack is designed to disappear – they’ve added a sweatproof webbing this year so that the pack doesn’t absorb moisture and get heavy. There are also larger holes in mesh to reduce pack weight and increase breathability. I’ve been really impressed by how good UltrAspire products were right out of the gate and how much thought they put into making them better and better with athlete input.

Juli, one of our Customer Service Representatives and Live Chat operators, has her eye on an apparel/electronic combo.

North Face Impulse Active 1/2 Zip Hoodie – This is the perfect piece for San Luis Obispo winters. Because it’s rarely below 45 degrees around here, all you really need for fall and winter is a great long sleeve. (Yeah, we know. It’s awesome). The material is thin and breathable, yet still warm enough that you won’t dread setting out on an early morning run. The 1/2 zip allows you to remain cool when the temperature rises, and the hood adds a bit more protection from the wind.  But the best thing about this piece is the fit. It’s perfect for me. This also makes it an ideal piece for those of you who might need to put a bit more thought into layering than we do around here.

Garmin Forerunner 220What can I even say? This definitely goes without explanation. We are as excited about this update around here as you are. No one could knock the 210, and here Garmin comes along and introduces another revolutionary run watch. We’re talking about a lighter watch with fabulous functions such as a built in accelerometer, vibration alerts, autopause, personal record tracking, a hinged wristband and live tracking. Oh and it looks GREAT. Basically, this watch will do everything except run for you. Maybe that feature will be added to the 230!

Lastly, Dan, another of our Customer Service Representatives, is going for a footwear/apparel combo pack this holiday season.  He’s training for his first 50 miler; follow his training here: @DanHerronRuns

Merrell Ascend GloveSo, I’m a minimal guy. I’ve been looking for a zero heel-to-toe drop shoe with a little cushion underfoot! I’ve been a New Balance guy when it comes to my trail shoes…but it looks like I am going to have to cheat on New Balance with Merrell…sorry I’m not sorry! I really like how the shoe fits. The heel collar is snug, but the toe box is wide, allowing some room for my toes. I’m a big fan of the Vibram outsole, which provides solid protection and a decent amount of traction. The shoe is super nimble and will allow me to handle the trails pretty well.  Also, since I’m training for a 50 miler with Juli, I’ll need a new pair of shoes to train in.

Pearl Izumi Fly Reverse Jacket – If you haven’t seen this jacket in person, it’s kind of hard to comprehend how cool it is. You can’t beat the reflectivity for the price of the jacket. Plus, who doesn’t want a reversible jacket? The fabric is extremely comfortable and breathable, which is a big deal for me. Also, since I do my training runs at 5am, it would probably be a good idea for me to have a reflective jacket that hopefully prevents me from having a brutal encounter with a car. Even more, on the trails, the vibrant color will help me stay visible to other runners. It’s important to let people know you have style!

For more gift ideas, check out our complete Holiday Gift Guide (Men’s and Women’s) and our Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide.  If all else fails, give a Gift Card to your favorite online running retailer! Happy Holidays from all of us at the Running Warehouse!

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Win the New Balance HI-VIZ Beacon Jacket!

October 22nd, 2013

Back in grade school, we had glow-in-the-dark everything. From silly putty and stickers to shoes, we rocked the stuff like it would never go out of style. In the New Balance HI-VIZ Beacon Jacket, glow-in-the-dark just got better. This wind- and water-resistant outer layer protects you from the elements while 3 levels of visibility to help you stand out to drivers while running.

  1. Low-light visibility comes from the bright green (Men’s) and bright coral (Women’s) colors.
  2. Oncoming-light visibility comes from the 360° reflective trim.
  3. No-light visibility comes from the revolutionary glow-in-the-dark technology on the sleeves and back. Just charge the Beacon Jacket under a light for at least 10 minutes before you run and you’re ready to go.

This contest is now closed. Congrats to our New Balance Beacon Jacket contest winners, Pat in West Virginia and Kelly in California! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Watch this video to see the Beacon Jacket in action!

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Get Your Asics New York City Marathon Gear

October 3rd, 2013

Fall is knocking on our door and that means cooler weather, shorter days, pumpkin spice lattes, and marathon season. The New York City Marathon, established in 1970, is one of the largest marathons in the world and one of five world marathon majors. There’s no better way to show off some Big Apple pride than with official 2013 ING NYC Marathon gear from Asics.

The 2013 NYC Marathon apparel is performance-oriented and looks good, so you can wear it while you train for race day and during post-workout activities around town. You can see the full Men’s NYC Marathon collection and Women’s NYC Marathon collection on our site, and also take a look at a few of our favorites below:

Marathon Storm Shelter Jacket

The Asics Marathon Storm Shelter Jacket (view Women’s) is a wind and waterproof full-zip jacket. The embroidered ING NYC Marathon logo on the front chest and across the back lets everyone know that you rocked in New York this year. A zip-off hood provides extra coverage while an internal mesh layer wicks sweat from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable. With ample storage room, this jacket is ready to tackle the winter weather and keep your essentials safe.

Marathon Course Map Tee

The Asics Marathon Course Map Tee is a great breathable, lightweight tee featuring the course map for the 2013 ING NYC Marathon prominently on the front. Polyester mesh provides lightweight breathability with moisture-wicking properties. The map on the front lets you show off the 5 boroughs you passed through on the way to the finish line.

JADE Thermopolis LT Hoody

The Asics Women’s Marathon JADE Thermopolis LT Hoody is all about warmth and functionality. The soft thermopolis fabric feels great against your skin and provides the extra coziness you want post-workout and pre-race.

A small zipper pocket on the front lets you easily store small essentials that you might need, and the silhouette is sure to flatter during your workout and while you’re out and about around town.

Gel Nimbus 15 NYC Shoes

NYC Marathon gear from Asics goes beyond apparel. The brand also produced a NYC Marathon Gel Nimbus 15 (view Women’s). The Nimbus 15 has an ultra-smooth and cushioned ride and plenty of protective Gel under the forefoot and heel. This neutral trainer has a flexible platform to ensure an effortless transition from heel to toe and a plush upper wraps around your foot for a personalized fit with an embroidered 2013 and NYC to let you show some big city pride.

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Win Zensah Tie Dye Leg Sleeves!

October 2nd, 2013

Zensah is a leading brand in compression and support running apparel. Their calf/leg sleeves just got a whole lot groovier thanks to the new tie-dye prints the brand recently added.

Now you can channel your inner hippie when you wear these popular calf/leg sleeves – for free! Choose from one of these 3 great colors:

This contest is now closed. Congrats to contest winners Kathy, Colin, Juwon, Meredith, Tonya and Joe. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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High-Visibility Running Jackets

September 16th, 2013

We don’t have to tell you that the sun is rising a little later and setting a little sooner these days. And we don’t need to remind you that there are plenty of yahoos in automobiles who are bleary-eyed, distracted, or just plain inattentive. It’s not the best combo for runners who want to brave a run in the early morning or evening hours.

So be smart and wear bright colors when it’s dark, dusky, rainy or any other time when there’s a good chance you may not be seen clearly by motorists. And as the weather cools down this Fall and Winter, it’s nice to have a little extra warmth that can come from a running jacket. Here are a few top choices for runners who want a high visibility running jacket:

Women’s Hi-Viz Running Jackets

Asics Spry Jacket: Reflective details and a bright purple color up your visibility to motorists in low light, and this lightweight shell also protects you from the wind with wind-resistant construction and a mock neck.
Asics Lite-Show Jacket: Get some serious warmth with your visibility in the Lite-Show Jacket. Though the jacket is black, reflective seams in key areas provide increased visibility when you are in motion, and an inner brushed lining keeps you toasty.
New Balance Komen Stride Jacket: Battle the dark and breast cancer with this cute, hooded jacket. The bright pink color accents give you some added visibility while you also show your support for breast cancer research. The cozy hood adds warmth on chilly mornings.

Men’s Hi-Viz Running Jackets

Nike Cyclone Jacket: The red color on this lightweight jacket is bright, bright, bright. The hits of reflectivity further help you to stand out. Because it’s so lightweight, the Cyclone Jacket is a nice option for dark mornings when the sun will come up and temps will rise while you’re out on your run.
Asics Fujitrail Packable Jacket: The eye-popping print on this lightweight, breathable jacket certainly should get you seen. But just in case, you also have 360 degrees of reflectivity. The jacket can be packed securely in the front pocket when temps heat up.
Sugoi Zap Jacket: You’re sure to be seen on early morning or dusk runs with bold neon colors and great reflectivity of this lightweight shell.

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Treats for Trail Runners

August 2nd, 2013

More and more runners are trying trail running, and manufacturers are taking note by creating some pretty rad gear for offroad duty. We caught up with a few of our own trail runners around the RW offices to see what gear they’re stoked on right now. Here’s what they had to say:

Top Picks in Shirts

“[For a recent 100 mile race] I chose The North Face Better Than Naked Short Sleeve Top. I chose The North Face top because it’s so ridiculously light and really felt like I wasn’t wearing anything (hence the name), but at the same time I wanted to have something to protect from the sun’s rays.” – Tera

“I just bought the Gore Women’s Air 2.0 Shirt, and I had to justify spending so much on a shirt, but it’s AWESOME! So comfortable, and it fits really nicely under a pack.” – Juli

Top Picks in Shorts

“It is all about the Pearl Izumi Ultra Split Short. Welded hems for ultimate comfort and minimal chafing, comfortable waistband, holster pockets that carry the right amount of product [a few gels]. This shorts are comfortable when you are in them all day.” – Erik

“The Nike Rival Skirt offers an internal short brief, which works really well against chafing. I like the idea of a skirt over the short brief, so you don’t have to bare all and can still look cute.” – Tera

Top Picks in Footwear

“I’m finding more cushioning is becoming my best friend, and an offset of about 8 to 10 tends to be the sweet spot for me without risking potential injury. I’m currently very fond of the Asics Gel Scout and the New Balance WT1210.” – Tera

“I really enjoy the New Balance MT1010. It is highly responsive, has solid protection for the downhills, and it’s very flexible. It’s a great shoe for technical trails and for those who enjoy feeling the trails underneath their feet.” – Dan

Top Picks in Hydration Gear

“The UltrAspire Surge has been my go-to pack. 2L of liquids, easy to reach pockets in the front, comfortable fit and feel. It’s also easy to adjust and there’s room to carry an additional bottle if needed.” – Erik

“I use the Nathan Intensity Pack. I love that it has a 2 liter bladder, and it fits really well. I tried on a lot of packs, and only this one and the Salomon S-Lab 5 Set Pack fit. It’s great for smaller people, and it’s women’s specific, which is awesome.” – Juli

Top Picks in Extras

“The Brooks Hat all the way…very comfortable and durable.” – Erik

“For any long run over two hours, Bodyglide is a must. I don’t leave home without it!” – Tera

“When I do [wear sunglasses], it’s a pair of Tifosi Slip. They’re lightweight, have an interchangeable lens, and are a good value for the price.” – Erik

VFUEL! (Peach Cobbler) So awesome. Tastes great, very light and doesn’t leave you feeling like you have to drink 5 gallons of water to wash out the residue. It’s one of the only gels I really like.” – Juli

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Run-deroos: Men’s Running Underwear

July 29th, 2013

Running shoes are undeniably your most crucial piece of gear, but what ranks second in your book? The perfect split short? Or maybe an aggressive pair of sunglasses? What about running underwear?

Do not underestimate the power of this little piece of running equipment for your running equipment. Running underwear can enhance your run and they may even be your new favorite on rest days too. If you haven’t experienced the security, comfort and excellent moisture management of athletic underwear, you’re missing out. But don’t worry: we’ve got you covered with a great selection of men’s running underwear. Take a look at a few of our best-in-class options.

Seamless: Asics Men’s ASX Boxer and Brief

The seamless design of the Asics Men’s ASX Boxer and Asics Men’s ASX Brief provides chafe-free support on your run. An anatomical support system gives you stabilization during activity, and moisture-transfer fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable.

Great Stretch: Nike Men’s Core Compression Short

If what you seek is supreme stretch, reach for a pair of Nike Men’s Core Compression Shorts. The four-way stretch fabric of these underwear will move with you for a freedom of movement as you run.

Secure Support: Saxx Kinetic Boxer and Brief Fly

You can be your own Sexy Sax Man in these run-deroos. The Saxx Kinetic Boxer and Saxx Kinetic Brief Fly bring a whole to meaning to the word support. An internal articulated pouch with side panels provides secure…storage on your run.

Lightweight: New Balance Men’s 6” Trubase Short

If you want a lightweight performance piece, throw on a pair of New Balance Men’s 6” Trubase Shorts. The lightweight fabric and minimal design of these boxers makes them a great option for race day.

Ventilation: Under Armour Men’s 6” Boxerjock

The Under Armour Men’s 6” Boxerjock sports a breathable mesh fabric in the crotch area to enhance ventilation and keep you dry on your run. A wide flat waistband sits snugly on your waist without digging in, and moisture-transfer fabric pulls sweat away from your skin to eliminate chafing.

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Women’s Running Skirts

July 16th, 2013

The high heat of midsummer has us looking for new ways to stay cool on our runs, and sometimes a running skirt is just the ticket. Whether you’re a ‘taking-names-and-charging-hard’ kind of woman or you just want to look hot while you log miles at the track, there’s a run skirt for you. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

Adjustable: Nike Women’s Rival Stretch Woven Skirt

The Nike Women’s Rival Stretch Woven Skirt lets you express your mood on your run from day to day. The internal fitted short provides freedom of movement while the outer skirt has drawcords on each side to adjust skirt length and provide a ruched effect. Leave the skirt full-length when you’re feeling mellow, or cinch the cords for a sassier look.

Short on Length: Oiselle Women’s Bum Wrap

The short and sexy Oiselle Bum Wrap (shown at right) is true to its name. An internal fitted short moves with you while an outer skirt covers your assets with a flirty wrap-style construction. Use the side zip pocket to stash an ID card, key, gel or other essentials.

Trail Ready: Salomon EXO S-Lab Twinskin Skort

When it’s time to attack tough, technical trails, slip on the Salomon Women’s EXO S-Lab Twinskin Skort. The internal fitted short features EXO Sensifit Technology to provide postural control and muscle support as you run, and the lightweight outer skirt offers two back mesh pockets to stow nutrition and other essentials on a long run.

Modest: Nike Women’s Skapri

If you love the look of a skirt but want the coverage of a capri, slip on the Nike Women’s Skapri. The soft inner capri offers sleek coverage, while the outer skirt adds a dose of style. The skirt is constructed of stretch fabric to move with you, and has two side slash pockets and a back zip pocket for secure storage of essentials.

Lightweight: Pearl Izumi Women’s Ultra Skirt

The Pearl Izumi Women’s Ultra Skirt offers fierce, lightweight coverage for the serious endurance runner. Two back hip holster pockets let you stash your nutrition, and a back zip pocket provides additional secure storage. The wide flat waistband stays in place without digging in, and side splits allow for excellent range of motion. Yeah, it’s a pretty badass skirt.

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Hot New Nike Women’s Running Apparel

July 12th, 2013

Sometimes a new piece of running gear is all it takes to put some extra speed in your step. Here’s some of our favorite new Nike gear for the ladies:

Breeze Tank + Epic Run Boy Short

The Nike Breeze Tank is exquisitely breathable and lightweight for optimal comfort running in hot weather. Soft, semi-sheer fabric is made in a mesh-like construction that promotes ventilation, and a streamlined racerback design allows for full range of motion. V neckline adds a feminine touch.

The Nike Epic Run Boy Short is, well, epic. Soft moisture-transfer fabric hugs your hard-earned curves and stays in place while you find your stride. A wide, flat, waistband has twisted design for an aesthetic touch, and an internal draw cord ensures a secure fit.

Sculpt PRT Tank + Epic Run Printed Crop

When the sun gets aggressive, fight back in the Nike Sculpt PRT Tank. Ribbed fabric construction allows for rapid moisture transfer to help keep you dry and chafe-free on the run. A fun contrast-color print gives this tank an extra dose of flair so you can look good while you attack the road.

When you want a ¾ tight with a little more length, reach for the Nike Epic Run Printed Crop. Slightly longer inseam than a standard capri offers a flattering look and a little more coverage. Subtle graphic print adds an extra touch of style to this piece. Flatlock seamlines prevent chafing and an internal drawcord keeps these beauties securely in place so they won’t slip down while you run.

Miler Short Sleeve Crew Top + 4″ Print SW Rival Short

The Nike Miler Short Sleeve Crew Top is a simple running shirt that’s a perennial favorite with our staff and customers. The ultra soft, thin material gives you coverage without issues as the temps rise, with an exceptional fit that feels tailor-made to your body. It’s a quality piece that every runner should have in her lineup.

The Nike 4” Print SW Rival Short is one of our new favorites from Nike, and the fresh print makes it a go-to choice for summer running. This streamlined short has a wide, flat waistband that won’t dig in, a scalloped hemline for full range of motion, and two side slash pockets to store your essentials to-and-from your workout. The subtle navy print is right on trend, so you’ll look great while you work hard.

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