Win the New Balance HI-VIZ Beacon Jacket!

Back in grade school, we had glow-in-the-dark everything. From silly putty and stickers to shoes, we rocked the stuff like it would never go out of style. In the New Balance HI-VIZ … Continue Reading →

Randy’s Race Recap

Last weekend, RW accessory buyer Randy ran in our hometown race, the City to the Sea Half Marathon. We profiled Randy a couple weeks ago, and we had a chance to … Continue Reading →

Randy’s Half Marathon Countdown

Randy is our nutrition, hydration, accessory, and electronics guru. More officially, he’s our accessory buyer here at the ‘House. As of late, he’s been training and getting more into the … Continue Reading →

Juli’s Race Recap

Last Saturday, RW employee Juli completed her first 50 miler. We profiled Juli last week, and now we’re delighted to follow up with her to get her post-race feedback and … Continue Reading →

Employee Spotlight: Juli

Juli is a big part of our Customer Service team. If you’ve called or emailed us recently, there’s a good chance that Juli took good care of you. In addition … Continue Reading →

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