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Win the New Balance HI-VIZ Beacon Jacket!

October 22nd, 2013

Back in grade school, we had glow-in-the-dark everything. From silly putty and stickers to shoes, we rocked the stuff like it would never go out of style. In the New Balance HI-VIZ Beacon Jacket, glow-in-the-dark just got better. This wind- and water-resistant outer layer protects you from the elements while 3 levels of visibility to help you stand out to drivers while running.

  1. Low-light visibility comes from the bright green (Men’s) and bright coral (Women’s) colors.
  2. Oncoming-light visibility comes from the 360° reflective trim.
  3. No-light visibility comes from the revolutionary glow-in-the-dark technology on the sleeves and back. Just charge the Beacon Jacket under a light for at least 10 minutes before you run and you’re ready to go.

This contest is now closed. Congrats to our New Balance Beacon Jacket contest winners, Pat in West Virginia and Kelly in California! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Watch this video to see the Beacon Jacket in action!

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Randy’s Race Recap

October 21st, 2013

Last weekend, RW accessory buyer Randy ran in our hometown race, the City to the Sea Half Marathon. We profiled Randy a couple weeks ago, and we had a chance to catch up with him post-race and get the inside scoop on how it went.

Overall, how was the race? Did you meet your goals?

A: The race went well and I did meet my goals!  I ran 1:43:50, so I beat my time goal of 1:45. More importantly, I felt good the entire time and had a lot of fun!

What was the hardest/most challenging part of the race?

A: Going in, I thought the most challenging part was going to be keeping the adrenaline under control at the beginning of the race, but that actually wasn’t the case. Mile #1 was actually my slowest since my body was still waking up (I’m definitely not an early morning runner).

The toughest part of the race was a ½ mile stretch at mile 9 that was slightly uphill. Since this is our hometown race, I knew the course, but I definitely underestimated that section. It was a mental challenge to keep the pace slow and conserve energy. I was able to keep a cool head and have the energy to pick up the pace during the last 3.5 miles.

Were you happy with your training leading up to the race? Do you feel like you were prepared?

A: Overall I was happy with my training and looking back, I do feel like I was well-prepared to meet my goals. Before the race I questioned if I should have done more up-tempo work, but my IT band was bothering me the last month of my training. I was sick 2 weeks before the race, so I wasn’t able to train, but that gave my IT band time to rest and heal up before race day.

Any future races planned?

A: Nothing planned right now, but I’ve had fun running on the trails. I’m thinking I’ll be looking for a fun, mellow trail race to jump into sometime in the near future.

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Randy’s Half Marathon Countdown

October 7th, 2013

Randy is our nutrition, hydration, accessory, and electronics guru. More officially, he’s our accessory buyer here at the ‘House. As of late, he’s been training and getting more into the sport we all love.  This weekend he’s toeing the line of his first half marathon.

We checked in with Randy today and here are his pre-race thoughts:

What race are you training for?

A: The City to the Sea Half Marathon. It’s our own hometown race and sponsored by Running Warehouse.

What are your goals going into the race?

A: My main goals for this race are to give my best effort, finish without getting injured and to just enjoy the race!  I also have an unofficial time goal of 1 hour 45 minutes, but if I’m not feeling good on race day I won’t be super bummed if I have to run slower.

What has your training regimen looked like?

A: For the last 2 months I’ve been running 4 days per week.  My midweek runs have been ranging from 4-6 miles, mostly at my endurance heart rate zone.  After the first month of training I added a few days of intervals to try and build up some speed.  My long run on the weekend is at my endurance heart rate, and I’ve been adding a mile every week, topping out at 11 miles this past weekend.

We know you have a cycling background, what made you decide to start running?

A: Well, I ran for years before I picked up riding my bike.  I always ran to stay fit and because I liked being outside.  I’ve had a lingering quad strain that has been keeping me off my bike, but it doesn’t hurt while running.  So, with the encouragement of some good friends, I started running more and decided to actually train for a race.

Any idea on what gear you’ll be sporting or what products you might use?

A:  I plan on rocking my current favorite road shoes, the Saucony Guide 6, the Nike Road Machine sunglasses, an RW Brooks running hat, and my Salomon Sense Hydro S-Lab Set Glove with a soft flask for water.  I’ll for sure take a Double Espresso Clif Shot Gel before the race and probably a Vanilla or Mocha gel around 45 minutes in.

OK, enough product plugs – now go out and have a great race, Randy!

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Juli’s Race Recap

September 19th, 2013

Last Saturday, RW employee Juli completed her first 50 miler. We profiled Juli last week, and now we’re delighted to follow up with her to get her post-race feedback and thoughts after a spectacular 10 hour and 2 minute finish. Congrats Juli on a great race!

Did you meet your goals?

A: Yes, I did. I was mostly just looking forward to the challenge and trying something new. The elevation made the race very challenging. I’m glad I chose this race, although it was a difficult one for my first 50M. Now I know a bit more what to expect for future races.

Are you running again yet?

A: I took a few days off and I’m ready to hit the trails tonight or tomorrow. I’m actually surprised that I’m not more worn out – but I’m not complaining!

What foods, if any, did you crave while out on the trail?

A: Oddly enough, I found that potato chips were amazing! I had eaten some pretzels at the beginning of the race, but when it warmed up I didn’t want anything that dry, so I stuck with the chips. Also, I would have killed for a corn dog at mile 42! I know, weird.

How many times did you throw up?

A: NONE! Go me! (But don’t ask me if I wanted to towards the end…)

What did you learn for your next 50 miler?

A: I learned a lot! I learned how my body reacts and what it needs after exercising for that amount of time. After a while, I couldn’t stomach much (liquid, gel or solid) so I didn’t consume as many calories as I would have liked. I think that contributed to my fatigue on some of the last hills. Next time I would focus on eating more solid foods at the beginning so that my stomach could handle more gels toward the end.

Even though I was a bit nervous, I think that you may never be fully mentally prepared for your first race at a new distance. I could definitely have practiced hills more, but that’s probably always going to be true. I also learned that it’s not necessarily the 10,000 feet of elevation gain that hurts, it’s just as much the 10,000 of descending that will get you! Overall, there’s not much that I would do differently, though.

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Employee Spotlight: Juli

September 13th, 2013

Juli is a big part of our Customer Service team. If you’ve called or emailed us recently, there’s a good chance that Juli took good care of you. In addition to being an RW employee extraordinaire, Juli is also getting more and more into ultrarunning. In fact, less than 24 hours from now, she’ll start ticking off mileage in her next big race.

Update! Juli finished her 50 mile race on Saturday in 10 hours and 2 minutes. Awesome job and we look forward to hearing more race stories when she’s back at work tomorrow!

We checked in with Juli earlier this week and here’s what she had to say:

What’s the race you’re training for?
A: It’s the Headlands Marathon, 50 & 100. I’m doing the 50 mile race.

What are your goals going into this ultra?
A: I just want to finish! I honestly don’t have a time goal; this is my first 50 miler, so I have very little expectation. This race is pretty hilly, so I just hope to finish and have a great time. It’s so beautiful out there, the views should make the hills more fun.

What has your training regimen looked like?
A: I’m usually in marathon shape, so its a decent place to start. My last marathon was Boston, in April, and I just started working up from there. I’ve run two 50K’s in training and done several back-to-back long runs, with 3-5 hours one day then 4 or so hours the next. I’ve tried to focus on integrating as many hills as possible into my runs.

Do you have any pre-race rituals or meals that are a must?
A: Not really. I try to increase my caloric intake prior to a race, and make sure to hydrate well beforehand. I mostly just do my best to eat and sleep and pray that all goes well! It may not necessarily be a ritual, but I have embraced my addiction to running gear and acknowledged that stocking up on gear always makes me feel more prepared. This time I bought The North Face Better than Naked Short Sleeve and I’m pretty excited to wear it at the race. Also, I make sure I pack everything I’ll need before, after and during the race a couple of days ahead of time. Although, that’s less a ritual than just plain common sense!

Check back Monday for an update on how Juli did! We wish her good luck and a great race!

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