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14056965564_21ed247fb7_mJuli: I didn’t start running until college when I stopped playing soccer competitively. I ran my first full marathon in 2008, then took a break for about a year. Now I’ve got marathons and ultra-runs under my belt and I’ve found that I thrive when I’m sky racing. I’ve embraced the fact that I’ve converted from the road to the trails and enjoying my thrilling weekend adventures to the mountains.

Average weekly milage: 70+ miles
Favorite shoe: Salomon S-Lab Wings 8
Position at RW: Web Content Manager

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Connor: Running has always been a big part of my life. I grew up running local 5ks and eventually began competing in cross country and track in high school and college. Now as a post collegiate, I run for the HOKA ONE ONE Aggies Running Club and travel across California racing in anything from 5k to half marathons. I enjoy learning about different training philosophies and finding ways to improve my overall fitness.



Average Weekly Mileage: 80-90 miles
Favorite Shoe: Nike Zoom Elite 9
Position at RW: Web Editor Footwear Specialist

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g-pjqd-oui0q2l1ucq1ar3hyfl8n0w-cwflrgh9714oWill: I started running seriously in high school, and from there, for better or worse, running became an integral part of my life.  I ran competitively, as well as for the sheer joy of it, through college and continue to do so with a post-collegiate club.  It is an addiction that I am happy to enable. My top 3 reasons to run are: getting to spend more time outdoors on trails, getting to spend more time not-quite-but-pretty-close-to-naked, and eating. When I’m not running, working, or eating I’m probably somewhere outdoors and/or reading.

Average Weekly Mileage: 60-80
Favorite Shoe: New Balance MRC 5000 Racing Flat
Position at RW: Web Editor

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 Tracie: After college, I decided to take a break from competitive road cycling, which I had been doing with gusto since age 16. Not quite sure what to do with myself without two wheels, I started running the local trails and quickly became addicted to the feeling of dashing through the rocks and trees. Since then I’ve conquered the marathon and even an ultra. I have also rekindled my love affair with the bike (albeit the knobby-tired variety). I still love nurturing my “non-competitive” sport with a good trail run, and when I’m not out on the trails running or racing my mountain bike, I can usually be found cooking or doodling in my sketchbook. 

Average Weekly Trail Mileage (Bike and Run): 100-140
Favorite Shoe: Merrell Trail Glove
Position at RW: Web Editor

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