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img_1280Connor: Running has always been a big part of my life. I grew up running local 5ks and eventually began competing in cross country and track in high school and college. Now as a post collegiate, I run for the HOKA ONE ONE Aggies Running Club and travel across California racing in anything from 5k to half marathons. I enjoy learning about different training philosophies and finding ways to improve my overall fitness.



Average Weekly Mileage: 80-90
Favorite Shoe: Nike Zoom Elite 9
Position at RW: Web Editor, Footwear Specialist

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David: I’ve been playing competitive team sports since I was four years old, and, to be honest, I always hated running. I wasn’t very fast, and wind sprints and laps were viewed more as a form of punishment than a necessary part of training. It wasn’t until team sports became less accessible in college that I began to enjoy running as its own activity. I would use it to relieve stress, stay healthy, and catch up with friends. I’ve been hooked ever since.



Average Weekly Mileage: ~30
Favorite Shoe: Nike Zoom Elite 9
Position at RW: Web Editor, Accessories Specialist

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Elena: Having been a competitive pole vaulter through high school and college, I was late to the run game, only discovering the thrill and peace that running brings post-collegiately. I race 5ks for now, and my favorite workouts include fartleks on the track and trail runs up the San Luis Obispo mountains to catch the sunset in the evenings. When I’m not running, you can find me rock climbing, practicing yoga, or reading.


Average Weekly Mileage: 30-35
Favorite Shoe: Salomon Sense Ride
Position at RW: Web Content Lead / New Product Coordinator

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 Tracie: After college, I decided to take a break from competitive road cycling, which I had been doing with gusto since age 16. Not quite sure what to do with myself without two wheels, I started running the local trails and quickly became addicted to the feeling of dashing through the rocks and trees. Since then I’ve conquered the marathon and even an ultra. I have also rekindled my love affair with the bike (albeit the knobby-tired variety). I still love nurturing my “non-competitive” sport with a good trail run, and when I’m not out on the trails running or racing my mountain bike, I can usually be found cooking or doodling in my sketchbook. 

Average Weekly Trail Mileage (Bike and Run): 100-140
Favorite Shoe: Merrell Trail Glove
Position at RW: Web Editor, Apparel Specialist

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g-pjqd-oui0q2l1ucq1ar3hyfl8n0w-cwflrgh9714oWill: I started running seriously in high school, and from there, for better or worse, running became an integral part of my life.  I ran competitively, as well as for the sheer joy of it, through college and continue to do so with a post-collegiate club.  It is an addiction that I am happy to enable. My top 3 reasons to run are: getting to spend more time outdoors on trails, getting to spend more time not-quite-but-pretty-close-to-naked, and eating. When I’m not running, working, or eating I’m probably somewhere outdoors and/or reading.

Average Weekly Mileage: 60-80
Favorite Shoe: New Balance MRC 5000 Racing Flat
Position at RW: Web Editor, Footwear Specialist

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