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Gotta Have It: Sugoi Men’s Firewall 180 Pant

December 15th, 2012

Sugoi Men's Firewall 180 Pant

Christmas tunes are playing in every store, your risk of frostbite has spiked, and even the neighbor’s Shih Tzu is wearing a festive sweater vest. There’s no way around it… it’s winter, and it’s all about the eggnog, hot-tubbing and cold training sessions. We were hesitant to head into the chill this year, until we met the Sugoi Firewall 180 Pant. This pant will equip you to tackle training sessions in the most brutal conditions. Here’s what we love:

Thermal Interior

The interior of this pant is fully brushed, which gives it a fuzzy feel reminiscent of your favorite sweats, but without the bulk. The peached interior ups the warmth factor, so you’ll stay nice and toasty even in frigid temps.

Waterproof Shell Fabric

The exterior fabric is windproof to keep the icy gales off your legs as you work out in wintry conditions. Although the fabric is highly technical, it maintains a soft and flexible feel, giving you great range of motion to power through the miles.

Adjustable Waistband

The elastic waistband hits below the natural waist and has side Velcro tabs that allow you to get an extra-secure fit, so these pants won’t slide down as you run.


Two large front zip pockets give you ample room to store an mp3 player, pair of gloves/arm warmers or other essentials on the run. Lockdown zippers with guards will keep zippers from bouncing up and down.


Winter means it’s not just getting colder, it’s getting darker too, so we were stoked that Sugoi was generous with the reflectivity on these pants. Reflectivity around pockets, behind knees and down the sides and front of these pants will help you be seen by motorists when you’re running in low light.

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7 Extreme Winter Weather Accessories

December 14th, 2012

If you’re looking for some extra help for handling extreme winter conditions, we’ve got you covered. Fight frostbite in the snow and slippage on icy terrain with these intense winter accessories.

Yaktrax Run

Slick icy or snowy conditions don’t have to keep you from your run with Yaktrax Run. The steel coils and removable carbide spikes help prevent slipping, and the high strength natural rubber will hold up against tough terrain. A Velcro strap helps to ensure a secure fit on your running shoe.

Asics Thermopolis XP Cozy Sleeves

The Asics Thermopolis XP Cozy Sleeves are luxuriant warmth, wrapped up in a sleek package. The interior is fully brushed for next-to-skin coziness, and if temps get really serious you can pull over a built-in mitt to cover your fingers. Each sleeve has a small envelope pocket on the upper arm to store gels or other small essentials.

Mizuno Breath Thermo Arm Warmer & Gloves Set

When you’re running in cold weather and you start to sweat, you get the chills. Not with Mizuno’s Breath Thermo® Arm Warmers & Gloves Set. The Breath Thermo® fabric is engineered to convert moisture (from perspiration) into heat to help warm you up on very cold days. Bonus? Both the arm warmers and gloves feel soft and comfortable against your skin. The set is available in black and bright green as well as the purple color shown here.

Craft Active Extreme WS Skull Hat

When the temps outside feel glacial, reach for your Craft Active Extreme WS Skull Hat. GORE WINDSTOPPER® keeps the wind from cutting through the fabric, and ergonomic construction gives this skullcap a great fit. This cap is low-profile enough to be worn alone or under another headwear piece if it’s so dang cold you need to double up.

Pearl Izumi Barrier Skull Cap

The Pearl Izumi Barrier Skull Cap may look simple (and just a bit like a biker helmet), but don’t underestimate its power against cold conditions. A windproof front panel means the wind can’t steal so much of your heat, and a soft thermal lining will keep you warm and help with moisture management. You get complete ear coverage as well, and the ponytail slot in back is a handy way to handle your flowing locks.

Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Barrier WxB Gloves

The coldest, wettest weather is no match for the Pearl Izumi P.R.O Barrier WxB Gloves. A fully peached interior will help keep your hands toasty, while the wind and waterproof OutDry® membrane bonded to the outer layer of these gloves will keep rain, sleet or snow out. And if your nose starts to run when you do, these gloves offer a generous soft wiping surface on the back of the thumb.

Brooks Wanganui Shelter Gloves

The Brooks Wanganui Shelter Gloves will give your digits a shelter from any storm. The exterior is waterproof, but still breathable. PrimaLoft® fill on the back and a comfortable moisture-transfer lining will help your hands stay warm and comfy no matter what the weather’s doing outside.

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Shoe Widths: FAQ

December 13th, 2012

Trying to understand running shoe width differences can be mystifying. To help you out, below we’ve answered the shoe width questions most frequently asked by customers.

How Much Wider is a ‘Wide’ Shoe?
The actual width of a shoe will vary a bit from brand to brand and shoe to shoe. For instance, one of our RW staffers can wear most New Balance shoes in a standard width, but finds even the wide width of most Saucony shoes to be a bit snug. When a shoe increases by a width (for instance, from D to 2E), it increases by about 10 millimeters.

How do I know if I might need a wider shoe?

If you’re getting blisters on the sides of your forefoot, if your foot hangs over the edge of your shoe’s platform, or if the shoe is cutting off circulation to your toes, then you might need a wide or extra wide shoe.

How do I figure out which width I need?

The most accurate shoe fit, including width fit, is measured using a tool called a Brannock Device (shown above). Most running retail stores will use this tool to determine the size and width shoe that will work best for you. If you don’t have access to a Brannock Device, then you can gauge which width you need by the fit of a standard width running shoe.

If the upper of a standard width running shoe is too snug, but the platform feels good, then you probably need a wide shoe. If your foot is spilling over the platform of a standard width running shoe, then you likely need an extra wide shoe. If the upper of the shoe feels too roomy, then you might try a narrow shoe.

What’s a “regular” width shoe?

For women, the standard width is “B,” and for men the standard width is “D.”

What part of the shoe is wide in a wide shoe?

In most wide shoes, the upper material around the forefoot is about 10 millimeters wider than the upper of a standard width shoe, while the shoe’s platform does not change. In an extra wide shoe, the upper of the shoe is wider than a standard width shoe, and the platform is also about 20 millimeters wider than a standard width shoe.

What part of the shoe is narrow in a narrow shoe?

In most narrow shoes, the upper material in the forefoot is about 10 millimeters narrower than a standard width shoe, while the platform does not change. In an extra narrow shoe, the forefoot area is narrower than a standard width shoe, and the platform is about 20 millimeters narrower than a standard width shoe.

Which widths are available in Men’s running shoes?

Narrow: B
Standard: D
Wide: 2E
Extra Wide: 4E

Which widths are available in Women’s running shoes?

Narrow: 2A
Standard: B
Wide: D
Extra Wide: 2E

If a woman needs a D width shoe, can she buy a Men’s D width shoe?

Yes. A woman’s wide shoe (width D) is the same width in the upper as a Men’s standard shoe (width D), though note that in most cases the Women’s shoe will be built on a B width platform, while the Men’s shoe is built on a D width. Also, the upper dimensions of the Women’s shoe may be slightly different than those of the Men’s shoe, if the manufacturer uses a gender-specific fit. If a woman is buying a Men’s shoe, she should size down 1.5 sizes from her typical shoe size to figure out her Men’s shoe size. For example, if she wears a size 9 in Women’s, she would wear a size 7.5 in Men’s.

How do I find shoes available in wide widths on your website?

First, click on the “Search Shoes” Product Finder on the right-hand side of our homepage. Then, select either the Beginning or Experienced shoe finder. In both of these finders, you can search for narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide shoes. Shoes available in widths also will display “Widths Available” beneath the thumbnail picture of the shoe on category page.

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Merry Mizuno Days from Running Warehouse

December 12th, 2012

What’s better than giving the gift of comfort and performance this season with a free pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 16 or Wave Inspire 9 running shoes? Getting a free pair for yourself too! Launched in November, the latest versions of the Rider and Inspire are high-performance daily trainers, and either one would make a perfect holiday gift.

Congratulations to Matthew in New York, our Merry Mizuno Days contest winner. He’ll be giving his wife a new pair of Wave Inspires and running in a fresh pair of Wave Riders for himself. Thank you again to everyone who entered, and a Merry Mizuno Day to all!

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7 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

December 11th, 2012

A Few Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Sometimes it’s the stocking stuffers that are the most fun to shop for…and it’s so satisfying to find that perfect little something for the people who are close to you. We’ve picked a few of our favorite little essentials that every runner can use. These items make great stocking stuffers because they’re affordable, small and they’ll benefit pretty much any runner.

GU Performance Energy Sampler

The GU Performance Energy Sampler is a great way for your favorite runner to test out the top products available from GU.  The pack includes a selection of GU’s electrolyte tabs, energy gels, energy chews, electrolyte drink mixes and recovery drink mixes.

Jelly Belly Extreme Sport Beans 24-Pack

How extreme can jelly beans get? Pretty dang extreme! The Jelly Belly Extreme Sport Beans 24-Pack will deliver quick energy and electrolytes for sports performance, and are available in Cherry or Watermelon flavor.

SneakerBalls Fresh & Clean Scent/Energy Scent

The SneakerBalls Happy Feet will help that special runner in your life keep their shoes smelling oh-so-fine. And if that special runner happens to be your kid, or your spouse or your training partner, your nose is sure to thank you!

Moji 360 Mini Massager

The Moji 360 Mini Massager is a runner’s favorite companion to take to a race or to keep in a desk drawer. A set of 7 omni- directional stainless steel spheres allow a runner to pinpoint sore spots and mimic the feel of hand massage.

Brooks Seamless Arm Warmers

The Brooks Seamless Arm Warmers slip on easily and stay securely in place thanks to the wrist and upper arm cuffs. Seamless construction eliminates chafing, so your special runner will get thermal benefits without irritation.

Amphipod Hydraform Handheld Pocket Bottle 20 oz

The Amphipod Hydraform Handheld Pocket Bottle is a great pick for the runner who needs hydration on their run, but doesn’t want to use a belt or a pack. The ergonomic design won’t bounce around on the run, and the storage pouch on the bottle is expandable, so they can carry their small essentials.

Runner Defense Pepper Spray

Runner Defense Pepper Spray is a great gift for the runner who heads out solo, or who runs in the early morning or late evening. The snug, adjustable strap makes the spray easy to carry while running, and the spray can fire up to a distance of 10 feet.

Still need more ideas? See all Men’s Stocking Stuffers and Women’s Stocking Stuffers.

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Running with Your Kids

December 10th, 2012

You love running, and you love your kids, so why not share you passion for the sport with your little ones? Running with your children can help you build a strong bond and can teach them to develop healthy habits that will last them a lifetime. Here are a few tips for successfully running with kids of all ages.

Let Them Choose

While it’s important to teach children consistency and discipline, avoid trying to force them to run with you when they just don’t feel like it. Doing so can make running feel like a chore, which will quickly squash their enjoyment of the sport. You’ll have more success if you simply invite your kids to join you on your run, and have fun while you’re on the roads or trails.

Pace Perfect

If one of you has some serious running goals you’re working towards, it might be hard to match your pace to your child’s pace. Running strollers are a great way for infants and toddlers to accompany you on your run and young children can join you on a bike while you run. They’ll probably get a kick out of their important role if you call them your pacer. Or, hit the track to allow you and your child to run together, but at your own paces. Share a few warmup laps before you get going, and a stretching session post-run.

Pump It Up!

Your kids will likely match your enthusiasm when it comes to running (especially if they’re younger). Tap into their playful spirits by engaging their imaginations on the run. You could be superheroes chasing down the bad guys. Or Indiana Jones careening through the jungle. You get the idea. Stoke the fire a little bit and then play along with whatever your kiddos come up with. You’ll be surprised how much fun you have.

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How to Maintain Your Running Shoes

December 7th, 2012

You already know that the right pair of shoes is a key investment to keep you running comfortably and without injury. But do you know how to keep your trainers in top condition as you rack up the mileage? Most traditional running shoes can serve you well for about 300-500 miles, and there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the most life and the best performance out of each pair. Check out our favorite tips and tricks below.

Shoe Rotation

It’s a good idea to keep at least two pairs of shoes in your lineup so you can rotate them out from one training session to the next. This approach gives the foam midsole of your shoes time to “bounce back,” keeping the cushioning fresher longer than if the shoes were taking a daily pounding. If you run in a wet climate and/or tend to sweat quite a bit, this also gives each pair a better chance of drying out in between runs for increased comfort and decreased funk buildup. Put simply, following a shoe rotation will extend the useful life of your shoes.

Some runners will keep a more cushioned shoe on deck for longer runs and another more streamlined shoe for weekly speedwork and tempos. And many runners also have a trail-specific model that’s better suited to handle the dirt and muck that comes with off-road use. Even if you’re a diehard fan of one particular shoe model, we’d suggest picking up a few different colorways and getting in the habit of a regular rotation.

Keeping ‘Em Dry

You won’t take a rest day just because it’s wet outside, so it’s easy for your running shoes to get wet and smelly. After a run, store your shoes in a dry place. Putting them next to a fan is a-OK, but avoid going to the extreme of putting them right next to a heating vent or other heat source. This can cause damage to the upper materials and the midsole compounds. Many runners also pull out the insoles of wet shoes, which helps to speed up drying time. Another tip: prop your shoes up against a wall or place them on a rack for improved air circulation.

You also might want to use a Shoe Dog after a damp run to get your shoes dry and ready for your next run. The cedar-filled cloth pouches of these Dogs help to absorb moisture and odor, so your shoes don’t become a biohazard. For best results, use the Shoe Dog immediately after a damp excursion to prevent mildew smells from developing.

Keeping ‘Em Clean
If your shoes already stink, freshen them up with a set of SneakerBalls. Place these little odor-fighting spheres in your sneaks to get rid of any unwanted smells, and your feet (and running partners) will be happier for it.

You can also spend some quality time with your dirty shoes and a bottle of Penguin Sport Gel Cleaner. This product cleans and deodorizes the fabric of a shoe, and can be used on other apparel and athletic gear as well.

Replacing Insoles
Though significantly improved in recent years, the sockliners that come standard in running shoes today still offer limited cushioning. Replacement insoles can be an excellent option for runners who want to recapture that in-store feel they recall so fondly. Cushioned insoles can breathe new life into a pair of shoes with a few hundred miles on the odometer, and keep you feeling comfortably protected for a few hundred miles more.

Many runners are surprised what a difference replacement insoles can make. The Sof Sole Airr insoles (Men’s Airr Insoles / Women’s Airr Insoles) are top sellers for us and offer plenty of heel and forefoot cushioning if your standard insoles are all worn out.

Laces and Lacing

As a shoe racks up miles, the upper often begins to stretch out some, and you may find yourself having to tie your laces tighter. This might cause hotspots and blistering. You can try a special shoe lacing technique (watch our Lacing Techniques Video) to get a more specialized fit and keep your shoes comfortable longer.

Or, if you just want to spruce up some older shoes with laces that offer a more dialed-in fit, you may want to try a replacement shoelace like the Xtenex X300 or the Yankz Sure Lace System. These laces allow you to customize the lacing of your shoes.

Making Repairs
The days of having a good cobbler in town may be gone, but you can still do some pretty nifty DIY repairs to spare your running shoes a visit to the trash bin. We sell Penguin Shoe Goo, a multi-purpose repair glue that can reattach separated outsoles, coat frayed shoelaces, secure loose insoles, and perform several other stunts.

How else do you maintain your running shoes and get a little extra life out of them?

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Ten Tips for Traveling to a Race

December 6th, 2012

Spring race season is still a few months away, but it’s never too soon to start preparing, right? If you’ll be traveling for any of your races, make sure you’re prepared to maximize your performance and enjoyment on race day by traveling smart. Whether you’re traveling to another country, another state, or just an hour or two from home, here’s our top ten tips for traveling to a race.

1. Dress for Travel

If you’ll be traveling a significant distance via plane or car, wear loose-fitting layers so that you can adjust your temperature. Constrictive clothing like tight jeans or dress shoes can quickly become bothersome when you’re spending hours in transit. You can also pack a pair of graduated compression socks to help prevent swelling and discomfort in your calves.

2. Pack Smart

Pack your shoes, race-day apparel and everything else that you’ll need in a separate bag that you keep with you at all times. This way even if something happens to your luggage in transit, you’ll have what you need on race day. It’s also a good idea to keep essential toiletries and a change of clothes in your carry-on, just in case something happens to your other belongings.

3. Get the Munchies

Your diet while traveling should mimic your typical diet as closely as possible. Bring plenty of healthful snacks (think trail mix, carrots, almond butter, etc) so that you’re never hungry. Also make sure to stay hydrated – even if it means extra pit stops, we promise it’s worth it. If you get dehydrated while traveling, you’ll probably still feel a little sluggish the following day, which could affect your race performance.

4. Stretch

Whether you’re on a plane or in a car, being stuck sitting in one position for hours upon hours can lead to tight muscles and increased tension. Make sure to get up and move your body at least once every hour. If you’re on a plane, walk around the cabin periodically. If you’re driving, make stops that will allow you to walk briskly and stretch out your muscles before you get back in the car.

5. Rest Easy

Jet lag can be a race day killer if you’re traveling a long distance to compete. If you’ll change time zones when you travel, try to adjust your body to the time zone of your destination before you arrive. It can take weeks for your body to get accustomed to a new sleeping schedule, so try to start gradually changing your sleeping pattern at least a week in advance of your departure date. When you arrive at your destination you won’t have to fight jet lag to get enough sleep, and you won’t be groggy at the starting line.

6. Buddy Up

Dealing with the logistics of the trip can be the most stressful aspect of traveling for a race. If you can, travel with a buddy or loved one who won’t be racing – and is willing to put up with all your pre-race fretting. This person can be in charge of details like catching flights on time and checking into hotels, helping you to stay relaxed and focused for your race.

7. Don’t Deviate from the Norm

Try to keep your daily routine as normal as possible when you’re traveling, so that your body and mind don’t have to adapt to anything new. Bring your own pillow, toiletries, and anything else that will help you feel at home, and remember that the days prior to a race are not the time for spontaneity.

8. Practice a Pre-Race Tradition

If you have a pre-race tradition (like listening to a certain song or eating a specific food), keep up that tradition. If you don’t have a pre-race tradition, start one. Having something routine to do before your race can help you stay grounded and maintain a sense of consistency regardless of where you are.

9. Check the Weather

Keep an eye on the forecast for your destination, and pack accordingly. Even if you’re only traveling a short distance, the weather can be drastically different from one location to the next, and you’ll want to have appropriate race gear and casual wear when you arrive.

10. Plan Ahead

Take care of anything that could potentially be a hassle before you leave home, so you don’t have to deal with it on your trip. Double check hotel and travel accommodations, find a local grocery store where you can buy snacks when you arrive, and make yourself a pre-travel checklist so you don’t forget anything essential.

How else do you prepare when traveling for a race?

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2012 Cross Country Club Nationals

December 5th, 2012

At the starting line of the 2011 Women's race.

The USATF National Club Cross Country Championship will be taking place this weekend in Lexington, Kentucky. Some of the best club teams in the nation will race over the beautiful course in Masterson Station Park for the chance to call themselves the best cross country club in the nation. The schedule features five races, totaling more than 100 teams and 1,200 runners.

Expected to be in the hunt for an Open Men’s Team title will be the Asics Aggies Running Club. Head Coach Joe Rubio (co-owner of Running Warehouse) trains his club out of our home base of San Luis Obispo. All indications are that they are even stronger than last year when they placed 3rd in the overall team standings. Also looking to improve upon a great 3rd place finish from last year is Aggie runner Phillip Reid, who will be in the mix to take home the individual title.

Just announced is Alan Webb’s entry into the race. We expect the American record holder in the mile to bring out a lot of fans and generate a lot of buzz in the race. For those of you who want to do more than spectate, a community 6k race also will be held. If you are in the Lexington area this weekend, come out, get a run in, watch some great teams race, and support the sport of cross country.

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New and Cool: Shrug, Rundies and More

December 4th, 2012

OK ladies, we’d like to let you in on a few of our favorite new arrivals here at RW. And guys, if you’re already in the zone of holiday shopping, many of these hot new items will make great gifts for her (especially number four below, hint hint).

1. Pearl Izumi Infinity Shrug

Finally, fashion and clever function meet in the Pearl Izumi Infinity Shrug. This sassy little number is an excellent choice for brisk days when a tank top or tee isn’t quite enough at the start of your run, but you want a layer that’s easy to take off.

2. Oiselle Rundies 7-Pack

The super cute Oiselle Rundies 7-Pack of everyday undies will remind you what workout you have scheduled for today. Each pair has a running inspired graphic on the hiney, like “tempo” or “long run,” to get you fired up to work out or race. Or, flaunt your runner pride at an undie run (when the weather warms up, of course).

3. Saucony Kinvara 3 Girls Shoes

The Saucony Kinvara 3 Girls Shoes will let your mini-me look just like mom while she’s running. Her feet and joints will thank her for wearing a purpose-built running shoe on the playground or around the track. The bright, fun colors will let her make a bold statement every time she laces up.

4. I-Knead Medium Massage Roller

Who doesn’t like a great massage? The I-Knead Medium Massage Roller lets you give your tired muscles a treat any time. The massage ball can be removed to ice or heat before use, or by itself to massage a tight plantar fascia. It’s portable enough to fit into a purse or gym bag, so you have access to massage on-the-go.

5. Petzl Tikka 2

The Petzl Tikka 2 is a great entry-level headlamp if you’re looking to try night running, or if your next adventure might last past sunset. Simple to operate and very versatile, this little light has three lighting modes and 4 LED’s in one unit. The adjustable headband will help keep the light securely in place as you run.

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