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Cover Your Bases: Running Baselayers

November 7th, 2012

Finding the right baselayer is clutch when it comes to preparing for winter running. A good baselayer is more than just another running shirt – it provides additional warmth and wicks moisture like a champ to minimize chafing and rapid temperature swings during your run. So don’t just throw on any baselayer – pay attention to a few key aspects for the best possible performance. Shop our Men’s and Women’s Running Baselayers to find the right piece for your upcoming winter runs.


It’s a good idea to look for a more fitted running shirt when choosing a baselayer. Wicking moisture away from the skin is one of the primary purposes of a baselayer, so it’s best to have a lot of skin contact with the garment. Having a close-to-body fit is also nice because it allows you to easily layer without bulkiness or bunching in more inclement weather conditions.


In a baselayer, the location of the seams is almost as important as the type of seams. For example, if a seamline is placed directly across your elbow, it will likely chafe on a long run no matter how nice the seam is. A seamline that is placed along the side of your arm will be much more comfortable. Some runners find that raglan sleeves help to minimize chafing in the shoulder and armpit area.


Synthetic fabrics and certain blends of wool (typically merino, for it’s softness) offer the best moisture management. The fabric type and thickness of a baselayer will differ depending on the weather conditions for which the piece was designed. If you’re going to be in very cold conditions, try a baselayer with thicker fabric and a closer weave. For more moderate temperatures, a thinner piece will serve well. To help you judge what will work best, we list temperature ranges on the product page of each baselayer we carry.

Some of Our Faves

We asked a couple of RW employees to tell us about their favorite baselayers.

“I like the Craft Active Extreme Crew. It’s super soft and very fitted. I like baselayers to be really fitted, so that there are no folds in the fabric. This baselayer is great for extremely cold conditions” – Joanna

“When I use a baselayer, I prefer a sleeveless option like the Under Armour HeatGear Sleeveless to maintain maximum mobility in the arms, while regulating core warmth.” – Taro

“I’ve found that the Mizuno Breath Thermo Stretch Crew is like your own personal microwave for your body. It’s noticeably warmer than other fitted long sleeves of similar thickness.” – Matt

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adidas adipure Giveaway

November 6th, 2012

The collection of adidas adipure running shoes is designed with a range of heel-to-toe offsets and less cushioning than traditional trainers for runners who want a more “natural” run experience. The Adapt puts you closest to the ground, the Gazelle gives you a bit of underfoot protection, and the Motion provides good cushion in a lighter-weight shoe.

Congrats to Adolfo in California and Lisa in Florida, the winners of our adipure giveaway!

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Saucony Triumph 10 – Our Take

November 5th, 2012

Saucony Triumph 10 Women's Shoe

Our Tweet

Though the Saucony Triumph 10 sports a clean new look and a more flexible ride, it continues to pack plenty of cushioning into a premium trainer.
(View Men’s Triumph 10 and Women’s Triumph 10)

Big Updates

  • Redesigned Upper: A new overlay pattern sits below the open mesh for increased support and a refined fit.
  • Tweaked Platform: Minimal changes to the midsole/outsole include increased segmentation in the crash pad for a smoother landing and an added flex groove in the forefoot.

Road Test

Now in its 10th edition, the Saucony Triumph continues to serve neutral runners plenty of cushioning in a premium package. Though the Triumph 9 was a vast departure from its predecessor, introducing an 8mm offset and a significant decrease in weight, Saucony kept the changes to a minimum in this update to the 10.

The Triumph 10 sports a clean new upper design, with many of the overlays switched to underlays – underneath the open mesh layer. Though this may seem like a recipe for blisters, a soft and seamless layer protects the foot, and the entire upper remains flexible and pliable, keeping the foot irritation-free. We did notice a closer fit through the midfoot over the 9, though the toebox remains open and accommodating.

Our testers reported an increase in midsole flexibility in comparison to the Triumph 9, thanks to the deep flex grooves in the forefoot. In combination with a three-part decoupled crash pad for impact dispersion, we found the ride to benefit with a smoother transition from landing to toe-off.

Don’t expect a huge departure in the feel of the cushioning in this update. We found the Triumph 10 to deliver the same softness and rebound as its predecessor, treating runners to a protective, yet lively run. For those who loved the cushioning of the Triumph 9, the 10 should not disappoint.

Runners Say

“The midfoot of the Triumph 10 felt a bit too snug for me at first, but loosening up the laces made it comfortable. Other than that I didn’t feel a huge difference between it and the Triumph 9.” – Matt

“The cushioning is soft, but don’t confuse that with spongy. I felt a good amount of rebound and bounce in the ride of the Triumph 10.” – Joanna

“I have a little more room up front in the 10 compared to the 9, both length and width-wise.” – Larry

Saucony Triumph 10 Men's Shoe

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Race of the Month: Spartan Beast Race

November 5th, 2012

Do you often find yourself wondering if you’re as tough as an ancient Greek warrior? Do you find there just wasn’t quite enough risk of bodily harm in the past few races you’ve done? If so, the Spartan Beast Race might be for you. The ‘Beast’ edition of the Spartan Race series is the second longest race (the longest is called The Death Race). The Beast boasts over 25 obstacles packed into a 10-12 mile course. If you’re asking, ‘Ten to twelve miles? But that’s not exact,’ then this race is not for you.

The Obstacles

Obstacles can range from mud pits to burlymen with pugil sticks to fire. Yep, we said fire. Race organizers state that the race “Will be largely unsupported. One aid station will be at an undisclosed location on the course”. The race info page also vaguely states that “Those who can climb well will be rewarded.” Climb hills? Probably. Climb ropes? Maybe. Climb the corporate ladder? Probably not.

Teaming Up

Unconvinced about tackling the Spartan Beast Race alone? You’ve also got the option of taking on the course as part of a team or with friends in a three-person relay. Teams must have a minimum of four people, with no maximum number of team members. Team scores will be calculated based on the fastest four times on the team. The relay is a brand new race option for this event. Each member on the team will complete a third of the course (approximately four miles).

Post Race

The post race festivities will include an awards ceremony, DJ entertainment, food vendors and a free beer for finishers over 21 years of age. The top three male and female finishers of the race will also receive free entry into the Spartan Death Race.

Are you ready to register? The next Spartan Beast Race will be held in Sacramento, California on November 17, 2012. The race will start with the competitive heat (which costs an extra $10) at 8:00 am. Register for the Sacramento Spartan Beast Race now or find a Spartan Race near you.

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New Winter Running Jacket Videos

November 2nd, 2012

To help you choose the right winter outerwear for your runs this season, we recently brought you The Great Gear Guide: Winter Jackets. If you’re still trying to choose a jacket for cold and wet conditions, check out the quick product videos we’ve put together on a few of our most popular jackets.

These videos will show you the fit of the pieces, their design details and some of their standout technical features. To view a product video for a particular jacket, first navigate to the product page. Then click on the blue “RW Videos” link below the product image, as highlighted in the screenshot at right.

Watch all the videos in the playlist below. If you still want more info after you watch a jacket video, check out the “Product Details” tab on the jacket’s product page.

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Skratch Labs: The Secret Drink Mix

November 1st, 2012

We’re bringing in a new hydration brand at Running Warehouse, and we’re stoked about what they have to offer. A coach/nutritionist who was working with a group of pro cyclists developed Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Drink Mix a few years ago, when his cyclists complained that pre-packaged options caused bloating and indigestion. This simple solution is light on the calories and is all about hydration.

The coach started making an electrolyte drink from scratch (Oh! Skratch…). He used only natural ingredients and nixed the artificial additives found in many supplements. His electrolyte supplement mix became know as ‘The Secret Drink Mix,’ because cyclists were secretly using his more natural mix instead of the drinks their sponsors manufactured.

Now the same electrolyte drink mix that pro cyclists were using is available to all athletes. You still won’t find anything artificial on the ingredient list, and you’ll likely be able to pronounce every ingredient. This makes it easy on both the stomach and the palate. The resealable pouch helps keep the powder fresh and safe from moisture.

All of the flavor comes from real fruits, which give it a light, clean taste. We were surprised to find that it tastes just as good at room temp as it does cold, making it great for long runs in warm weather. When tasting a sample of the mix, one of our testers reported simply, “Alright. This is delicious.” The mix is currently available in four flavors: Exercise Hydration Mix with Lemons and Limes; Exercise Hydration Mix with Oranges; Exercise Hydration Mix with Raspberries; and Exercise Hydration Mix with Pineapples.

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