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Treating Achilles Tendonitis for Runners

October 11th, 2012

“-Itis” is probably the least favorite suffix out there for runners. Aside from the dreaded plantar fasciitis (discussed previously on our blog here), you also have to be on the lookout for bursitis, periostitis, tendonitis, and doinglaundryitis (OK, we made that last one up).

This post is all about the big daddy of tendonitis injuries in the running world: Achilles tendonitis. How can you tell when an achy Achilles tendon may be the onset of Achilles tendonitis? When is is serious enough to seek medical attention? The bottom line is that Achilles tendonitis is an injury you can bounce back from, but you have to be smart and persistent about treating it.

What to Watch For

Shooting or burning pain in the area of the tendon, typically aggravated by repeated stress of the tendon and worsening through the duration of activity. Other symptoms include swelling and thickening of the tendon, as well as a creaking feel when touching or moving the affected area.

Can I Run on It?

Maybe. It is possible to run while treating this injury, but you have to focus on preventing further harm while also giving the tendon time to heal. Depending on the seriousness of the injury, your best course of action may be to curtail your runs (“relative rest”) until you can complete a few PT sessions to start repairing the tendon and build strength in the tendon and related muscles. It’s always a good idea to talk with a medical professional to get guidance on your situation.

If you can run on it, you’ll likely be told to decrease your mileage, and take several rest days every week. You might also need to avoid any speed or hillwork, as these can put further strain on the Achilles tendon.  A shoe insert in the heel of your shoe can decrease the strain placed on the Achilles tendon during your running stride.

After warmups and you hit the pavement, pay close attention to how your Achilles tendon feels. At the first sign of pain, it’s a good idea to stop running. “Pushing through the pain” of Achilles tendonitis is not the best course of action, as you run the risk of causing further damage to, or even rupturing, the tendon.

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Treat Your Twins: Bra Sale!

October 10th, 2012

The twins. The girls. Cha chas. Tatas. Gazongas. … alright, maybe we’re getting a little breast-obsessed. But when it comes to running, a properly fitting supportive sports bra just might be the most important piece of gear a woman can own, so the ladies here at RW have your, er… breast interests at heart.

We’re blowing out some of our favorite sports bras so you can set up your set with some security. Fit is one of the most important features in a sports bra, so start by learning how to find your fit. Next, you’ll need to think about the level of support you need. This will depend on your size and the impact level of the activity you’re doing.

Running is a high impact activity, and different styles of bra work better for women of different shapes and sizes. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’ve reviewed a few top performers to help you out. We’ve even got a few great bras for nursing moms, so all you mommas (and mommas-to-be) can run in comfort.

Shop Our Sale to find the just right bra for you.

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Unleash Your Inner Animal: Pearl Izumi Ultra Collection

October 9th, 2012

The trail beckons. Are you equipped for the journey? You will be in the Men’s Pearl Izumi Ultra Collection and Women’s Pearl Izumi Ultra Collection. As an ultra runner, it can be challenging to find gear and apparel that provides both a lightweight, performance fit and enough storage options to cover you for the long haul. This fall, Pearl Izumi came through with a solution. Here are a few highlights from the collection:

Pearl Izumi Ultra Windblocking Jacket

The power in this piece is all in the details. The jacket is constructed of a wind resistant fabric (without a laminate) that offers some serious protection against the elements, with supreme breathability. Pearl Izumi added an abrasive print to the shoulders of the jacket to increase pack traction, so you’re pack or vest won’t slide around as much when you maneuver over technical terrain. The zipper hides a draft flap and zipper garage that help prevent chafing and chilliness.  Zip up and get out the door!

Pearl Izumi Ultra Tight

Start with a multi-paneled, ergonomic design that allows your legs to move freely as you power through challenging mileage. Add soft thermal fabric with waterproof calf and ankle splices that keeps your muscles warm when the temperature plummets. Then throw in lock-down ankle zippers and hits of reflectivity.

In addition to a large secure zip back pocket for safe storage of essentials, these tights have stretch mesh pockets located at an angle on each hip to store gel flasks, gels, or other nutrition or hydration essentials. The pockets are located on the upper back portion of the hips, so whatever you’re carrying will move with you.

Pearl Izumi Ultra Gaiters

Take care of yourself all the way down to your toes on the trail with the Ultra Gaiters. Stretch fabric and a highly durable underfoot strap will give you a secure, almost custom fit. A small hook attaches to your laces to keep dirt and debris from sneaking into the front of your shoe, so you can focus on the trail ahead.

What do you look for in long-distance running apparel?

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The 411 on Electrolytes

October 8th, 2012

Electrolytes are advertised on so many products these days – even your local 7-Eleven is chock full of ‘em. So what’s the story on electrolytes when it comes to running performance? Are you getting the right balance? How do you determine the electrolytes you need when training and racing?

Electrolytes Explained

First off, what are these magic “electrolytes”? A group of minerals crucial to your muscle function and proper hydration, electrolytes are involved in the transmission of electrical impulses that signal muscle contraction and relaxation. The electrolytes commonly utilized by the body are sodium (Na), chloride (Cl), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), and magnesium (Mg), all commonly found in the foods we eat everyday.

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Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Sneak Peek

October 5th, 2012

Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Men's Shoe

For runners looking for maximum protection without losing all contact with the ground, Mizuno’s Wave Creation is a hard shoe to beat. Entering its 14th version, this update features a new upper that increases flexibility and better conforms to the shape of the foot. We measured weights of 11.9 oz (Men’s size 9) and 9.8 oz (Women’s size 8), each shedding a bit less than half an ounce compared to the Creation 13.

What to Watch For

  • New Upper Design: Decreased overlays improve flexibility and reduce hotspots, and an anatomical lacing system provides a fit that better conforms to the shape of your foot.
  • Carryover Platform: An Infinity Wave plate from heel to midfoot offers tremendous underfoot protection, and AP+ midsole material in the forefoot provides a responsive toe-off.


Launch Date
December 2012

Men’s Colors
Blue/Orange/Anthracite Creation 14
Lime/Blue/Anthracite Creation 14

Women’s Colors
Red/Bolt/Anthracite Creation 14
White/Violet/Blue Creation 14

Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Women's Shoe

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Heart Rate Training for Peak Performance

October 4th, 2012

New Balance Women's N4 HRM, Garmin 910XT w/HRM, Timex Easy Trainer HRM

Many runners gauge the intensity of their workout by how they feel, which can be a deceptive indicator of actual exertion. If you have specific training goals, heart rate training can help you successfully build a workout plan to accomplish those goals. Heart rate training is also a great option for the runner who would just like to know how hard their body is working on a given run.

Don’t rely on ‘perceived exertion’

A workout may feel easier or more difficult depending on a variety of factors. For example, if you’re tired, a long run might feel incredibly difficult, even if your body is not putting forth as much effort as you feel it is. Conversely, many athletes underestimate how much harder your body has to work to maintain a level temperature when running in hot conditions. Basing your workout on how your body feels can easily result in a lower – or higher – intensity workout that you had planned.

You’ve got the power!

Using a heart rate monitor gives you complete control over the intensity of each workout. Watching your heart rate will ensure that a high intensity day is as strenuous as you wanted it to be (it hurts so good!). Keeping an eye on what your ticker is doing will also let you ensure that an easy 8 really is easy, which can keep you from over training and getting injured.

How to get started with heart rate training

The first step to effective heart rate training is to calculate your maximum heart rate. Your max heart rate is the highest heart rate you can safely reach during exercise. To approximate your maximum heart rate, subtract your age from 220. For example, if you’re 42 years old, then your max heart rate would be 178.

For challenging interval repeats, your HR should be at about 95-100% of your max heart rate. Tone it down to about 85-92% for a tempo run, and 65-75% for an easy run, or when you’re logging a very long run.

Selecting the appropriate heart rate monitor

Choosing the heart rate monitor that’s best for your needs depends on a variety of factors. The heart rate monitors on the market today range from über-simple devices that just measure your ticker’s BPM, to almost space-age mini computers that have GPS capabilities and can monitor your pace and track your workout progress over time.

Simple Monitors

  • Timex Easy Trainer Heart Rate Monitor – A simple, affordable, and user-friendly model to help you manage your workouts.
  • New Balance Women’s N4 Heart Rate Monitor – This popular model looks slick and provides zone training, basic timing, and a 9-run memory to help fine-tune and record your workouts.
  • Garmin FR70 HRM – An HR monitor that offers heart rate zones and interval training workouts, this watch also gives the ability to upload and store your data online at Garmin Connect.

Advanced Monitors

  • Polar RCX3 GPS w/HRM – This sleek watch makes it easy to obtain info on heart rate, along with pace and lap times when teamed with the separate GPS pod. You can also upload data to the Polar online site with the included USB transfer pod.
  • Garmin Forerunner 910XT w/HRM – Get heart rate data, GPS capabilities, and workout tracking all in one device. The ability to record accurate elevation gain/loss, an accelerometer to measure swim stroke efficiency, and a 20-hour battery life all make this the ultimate multi-sport watch (note you won’t be able to get HRM data in the water).

Want more? Shop our complete collection of heart rate monitors.

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Race of the Month: City to the Sea Half Marathon

October 2nd, 2012

Hoofin' it toward the coastline at last year's "City to the Sea"

We have some serious superfans who would love to come visit us here on the Central Coast. You know who you are! We’re really not sure what you’re waiting for, but we decided to give you one more reason to venture to Cali. We’re presenting the City to the Sea half marathon and 5k again this year. The race will be held on Sunday, October 14, 2012. Here’s what to look for:

The Course

The half marathon course travels from the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo (or “SLO”) to the coastline of Pismo Beach, approximately 13.1 miles south. The course is USATF certified, and is open to runners and walkers. It’s a point-to-point race, but City to the Sea organizers will be providing free shuttle service back to San Luis Obispo for race entrants after the race.

The half marathon has five aid stations with water and sports drinks. Running Warehouse staffers will be cheering you on at the mile 10 aid station to help you push through the wall and keep running strong.

The Weather

Here in SLO-town, we lead a tough life. On race day, participants will likely face temps in the 50s to start, and it may even get into the 70s by the end of the race. We have to slog through those temps almost year-round (with 300+ sunny days to boot), but you’ll only have to deal for one day. Note that it is typically a little bit cooler on the coast, so you might want to bring a light layer, at least for the post-race festivities.


The promise of food always puts a little more bounce in our step (PR, anyone?), so we are definitely excited for the post-race breakfast in Pismo put on by Scotty’s Bar and Grill. Breakfast is complimentary for race entrants, and extra meals can be purchased for $10 each for your cheering department.

Summing up: a beautiful race course, amazing weather, delicious food and the chance to hang out with the RW crew… if we haven’t convinced you to visit yet, check out the City to the Sea website for more info. We’ll see you on the course!

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Asics GT 1000 Pink Ribbon Edition

October 1st, 2012

GT 1000 PR Men's and Women's Models

We’re already sold on the new GT 1000 for it’s great fit and responsive ride for mild to moderate over-pronators. In this Pink Ribbon (PR) edition (available in both Women’s GT 1000 PR and Men’s GT 1000 PR), Asics gives us one more thing to love about the shoe by partnering with Christina Applegate’s Right Action for Women.

This foundation assists women who are at an increased risk for breast cancer. Not only does this special edition trainer offer a proud pink aesthetic (the Women’s version even has satin ribbon laces), but for every pair of GT 1000 Pink Ribbon shoes sold in October, Asics will donate $2 to the Right Action for Women foundation (up to $100,000 total).

Applegate created the foundation in 2008, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The actress started the foundation to help women who are at an increased risk for developing the disease, but who cannot afford the expense of certain types of testing. Get your pair of this pink performance trainers to get runnin’ and to join the fight against breast cancer.

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