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Nike LunaRacer+ 3 Sneak Peek

August 31st, 2012

Nike LunaRacer 3 Men's Shoe

To make changes to the LunaRacer is to make a bold move. The last time Nike messed with the shoe and introduced the LunaRacer 2, runners got grumpy and the Swoosh reverted back to the cult favorite’s original design. But even with all the love it gets, the original LunaRacer, first released way back in 2008, is not necessarily a “perfect” shoe. The slim upper design made for a claustrophobic fit for some runners, and we’ve heard a few reports of overheating due to the material used in the upper.

Nike addresses these concerns in their second attempt to update the shoe. A completely redesigned upper replaces the plastic-y thin mesh material with a more pliable and breathable open mesh, while the absence of overlays should make for a more accommodating fit. We expect the LunaRacer 3 to appeal to a much wider range of runners, while retaining its original fanbase.

What to Watch For

  • New Upper Design: A new mesh upper features both Engineered Mesh, eliminating the need for overlays, as well as Dynamic Flywire, allowing for a fit that changes along with the shape of the foot during the gait cycle.
  • Carryover Platform: Lunarlon cushioning provides a soft yet responsive ride without adding much weight to the shoe, and carbon rubber in key areas provides traction and durability.
  • Reduced Weight: Nike claims a weight of 6.2 oz for the updated model, a slight decrease over the 6.6 oz weight we measured for the current LunaRacer.


Launch Date
January 2013

Men’s Color
Volt/Black/Teal LunaRacer+ 3
Blue/Black/Crimson LunaRacer+ 3

Women’s Color
Pink/Grey/Fuchsia LunaRacer+ 3
Turquoise/Anthracite/Crimson LunaRacer+ 3

Nike LunaRacer 3 Men's Shoe Medial View

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Insole Brands Explained

August 30th, 2012

Replacement insoles are an excellent option for runners looking to add cushioning, structure, or both to their shoes. Though significantly improved over the past 5 to 10 years, stock sockliners that come in running shoes today still offer limited cushioning and support. Custom orthotics, though specifically made to meet the user’s need, can be very expensive. So what’s a runner to do? Replacement insoles can meet the needs of many runners without breaking the bank.

We offer a full selection of insoles. There are a lot to choose from, and every insole offers a little something different. Here’s some info to help you spot the notable features of the insole brands we carry.


Superfeet insoles use a plastic shell that contours the heel and arch for rigid support. This brand’s philosophy focuses on creating an ideal foot position so that the foot can serve as the foundation for optimal body alignment. A thin foam layer rests atop the insole for comfort, though these insoles offer little to no additional cushioning over a stock sockliner.

  • Green: The most popular model we sell, Superfeet Green insoles are best for runners with a medium to high arch structure seeking maximum support. These provide no additional cushioning over a stock insole. They are available in a wide version to fit 3E to 6E widths.
  • Orange/Berry: Best for those with medium-high arches, these insoles feature softer foam as well as an additional thin foam layer under the forefoot to provide slight cushioning. Orange is designed for men, Berry is for women.
  • Blue: Best for runners with medium to low arch structures. The lower profile works well in shoes with a tighter fit. These insoles provide no additional cushioning over a stock insole.
  • Black: A lightweight and low profile design makes Superfeet Black insoles ideal for runners looking to add a bit of support to racing shoes with removable sockliners.

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Five Great Core Exercises for Runners

August 29th, 2012

It is said that power comes from the core, and this adage most definitely holds true in the case of running. In fact, developing a strong core is one of the best things you can do to improve your running performance.

A strong core can enhance your runs in several ways:

  • Run farther: Your core muscles keep you upright and help maintain good running form, even when fatigue sets in.
  • Run faster: Having strong lower back and abdominal muscles will allow for a more powerful stride as you pick up the pace.
  • Run injury free: Apart from helping you maintain good form, strong core muscles are able to absorb more impact, saving your joints from excessive pounding.

These five simple exercises will help strengthen muscles in your core specific to running. The best part? No gym membership is necessary – all you need to perform these exercises is a little floor space.

Take some time after your run to complete these exercises several times a week and see the improvement in your running for yourself.

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Mizuno Wave Ronin 5 Sneak Peek

August 29th, 2012

Mizuno Wave Ronin 5 Men's Shoe

The 5th generation of the Wave Ronin is set to arrive for the Spring ’13 season. No groundbreaking changes in this update of Mizuno’s neutral performance trainer/racing shoe, though expect the new upper design to appeal to a greater number of runners who found the Ronin 4’s upper just a bit tight or constrictive. According to Mizuno’s measurements, expect the weights of this update to stay about the same (6.9 oz Men’s size 9, 5.8 oz Women’s size 8).

What to Watch For

  • New Upper Design: A perforated open mesh allows for improved airflow through the shoe.
  • Reduced Overlays: The removal of a few overlays on the upper makes for a less constricting fit, allowing for a greater range of foot shapes and sizes, as well as more upper flexibility.
  • Carryover Platform: The mid/outsole combination is unchanged from the 4th generation Ronin.


Launch Date
January 2013

Men’s Color
Blue/Yellow/Anthracite Wave Ronin 5

Women’s Color
Yellow/Blue/White Wave Ronin 5

Mizuno Wave Ronin 5 Women's Shoe

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Asics BlazingFast Sneak Peek

August 27th, 2012

Asics BlazingFast Men's Running Shoe

Looking for featherweight? Race shoes don’t get much lighter than the upcoming BlazingFast, basically an elite level long-distance spike with a roadworthy outsole. The 3.9 oz weight (Men’s size 9, according to Asics) is the big story, but Asics still manages to pack a lot of features into this shoe

What to Watch For

  • Super Light: At 3.9 oz, the BlazingFast shouldn’t be holding anyone back from their fastest performance.
  • Low Offset: According to Asics, the BlazingFast checks in with a 4mm offset that naturally places the foot for a mid to forefoot strike.
  • Seamless Upper: Go sockless without worrying about blisters and irritation thanks to a seamless upper with soft collar lining.
  • Light Cushioning: Asics uses Solyte foam in the midsole for durable cushioning.


Launch Date
January 2013

Men’s Color
Green/Black/Yellow BlazingFast

Asics BlazingFast Men's Running Shoe Outsole View

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Today In Running History: Kenenisa Bekele Sets 10K World Record

August 26th, 2012


August 26, 2005: Ethiopian-born Kenenisa Bekele (far right) sets a new 10K world record at the 29th Memorial Van Damme meeting in Brussels. Despite what you might have seen on a video circulating online, this record was set in Brussels, not in Zurich. His time of 26:17:53 has yet to be touched, and many believe that he will hold on to the record for quite some time. He almost makes it look easy.

In fact, Bekele was unbeaten in the 10K from his debut race in 2003 until 2011. But for those who aren’t familiar with Kenenisa’s achievements, he’s no one hit wonder when it comes to just the 10K. He also holds the world record in the 5K, set back in 2004, and is a two-time Olympic medalist in the 5K competition.

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New Balance RC1600 – Our Take

August 25th, 2012

New Balance MRC1600 Men's Running Shoe

Our Tweet

Lightweight yet protective from the road, the New Balance RC1600 is a race ready shoe built for the marathon.
(View Men’s MRC1600 and Women’s WRC1600)

Big Features

  • Seamless Upper: The snug fitting upper contains minimal seams to ensure irritation free comfort.
  • Performance Midsole: The RevLite midsole compound provides a firm and responsive ride without sacrificing weight or protection.
  • High Traction Outsole: Sticky rubber in high impact areas provides sure-footed traction on landing, while aggressive treads in the forefoot give tremendous grip at toe-off.

Road Test

The RC1600 follows in the success of the popular RC1400, a performance shoe that offers substantial amounts of cushioning for its category at a modestly light weight. With the RC1600, New Balance increased the model number but decreased the weight, slimming the shoe for fast-paced racing.

Our testers were impressed with the near-seamless construction of the upper on the RC1600. The only two exposed seams occur in areas just forward of the heel where friction is unlikely, making it an excellent shoe for going sock-free without irritation. In terms of fit, we found the RC1600 offers a fit similar to the RC1400 – expect a snug toebox for performance with a medium-fitting upper elsewhere in the shoe.

The RC1600 offers a firm and responsive midsole, with cushioning sufficient for distances up to the marathon. Of course, its lightweight package is suitable for shorter races as well. Outsole traction is excellent, with rubber grips placed in the forefoot that prevent slippage during toe-off. Overall, we expect this shoe to catch on with runners looking for high performance in races up to the marathon.

Runners Say

“This is a great shoe for someone looking for a sleeker shoe than the RC1400, with a bit more cushioning than shoes like the RC5000.” – Daniel

“This shoe fit just like I expect a racing shoe should fit – snug without being too tight.” – Taro

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New Balance 890 v3 Sneak Peek

August 24th, 2012

New Balance 890 v3 Men's Shoe

New Balance teamed up their elite athletes to create a top training shoe for serious runners. Now in its 3rd generation, the 890 boasts a lightweight, performance oriented design, yet with enough cushioning for long runs and everyday use. With the names of mid-distance stars Andy Baddeley and Jenny Barringer Simpson on the upper, you know you’re in for a solid run.

We loved the versatility and the performance feel of the 890 v2, so we’re excited to see that New Balance has kept the changes to a minimum in this update. Numbers-wise, expect the same weight and heel-to-toe offset as the v2.

What to Watch For

  • Modified Heel Fit: Overlays have been increased over the heel for a more supportive heel counter.
  • Similar Outsole Design: There are subtle tweaks in the outsole pattern, but don’t expect any change in performance, as it still offers a grippy blown rubber material and full ground contact.
  • Carryover Midsole: RevLite midsole material offers cushioning that is not too soft and not too firm, without weighing the shoe down.


Launch Date
February 2013

Men’s Colors
Blue/Yellow 890 v3
Silver/Navy 890 v3

Women’s Colors
Blue/Green 890 v3
Pink 890 v3

New Balance 890 v3 Women's Shoe

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All In Your Head: The Mental Benefits of Running

August 23rd, 2012

Experience the Mental Benefits of Running

We think Asics has it nailed in their adverts that say ‘running releases more than just sweat.’ On a particularly exceptional day or following a high stress experience, running can help you process and handle your emotions and thoughts effectively. And as the bumper stickers say, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than therapy. Here are a few of the mental benefits of running that we’ve found to be the most beneficial.

Stress Relief

Whether you’ve had a rough day at work or in your personal life, a run can be a great way to blow off some steam. Running causes a boost in serotonin levels in the brain that can help increase positive feelings. Sometimes a simple run is all it takes to make the insurmountable feel more manageable.

Clear Your Head

If a problem or obstacle in your life has you stumped, then lacing up and hitting the road or trail can help you de-clutter your thoughts. Spending a few miles lost in the rhythm of your stride and your breath can help create a more open mental space for new ideas and potential solutions.

Think Time

After you’ve cleared out some space in your head, you can use the solitude of the road or trail to process through complex thoughts and situations. Some time away from all distractions can go a long way when it comes to getting you out of a thinking rut.


If you have a hard time falling asleep at night, a consistent running habit can help you catch the z’s you’ve been missing. Why count sheep when you could count miles? Just make sure to finish your run at least two hours before your head hits the pillow or your workout can have the opposite effect.


Running on a regular basis can help you build your self-confidence and self-esteem, because you’ll be in a cycle of building on small successes. Let this confidence spill over into other areas of your life, and who knows where the road will take you…

Is running purely physical for you, or do you lace up for the mental benefits as well?

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Asics 33 Version 2 Sneak Peeks

August 22nd, 2012

The first generation of Asics 33 shoes has extended the brand, finding a following of runners seeking performance-oriented trainers with some style. The second generation of the Gel-Blur33, the shoe that launched the collection, has already been released. Following hot on its heels are updates to several other 33 models, set to arrive for the Spring ’13 season.

Gel-Excel33 2

Asics Gel-Excel33 2 Men's Running Shoe

The neutral cushioning trainer of the 33 lineup is back with a full redesign of the upper and mid/outsole. A new flex groove pattern is designed to give you more flexibility from heel to toe, and the forefoot gel unit has been removed to reduce weight. Asics claims weights of 9.8 oz (Men’s size 9) and 7.9 oz (Women’s Size 8).


Launch Date
December 2012

Men’s Colors
Red/Black/Lime Gel-Excel33 2
Titanium/Lightning/Orange Gel-Excel33 2

Women’s Colors
Black/Pink/Turquoise Gel-Excel33 2
Titanium/White/Turquoise Gel-Excel33 2

Gel-Neo33 2

Asics Gel-Neo33 2 Men's Running Shoe

This update to the minimum-support trainer in the 33 collection sports a new upper featuring Asics’ Mono-Sock construction to offer you a (you guessed it) sock-like fit. The platform is carried over from the first generation Gel-Neo33, so you can expect the same smooth and responsive ride. Asics reports weights of 10.2 oz (Men’s size 9) and 8.5 oz (Women’s size 8).


Release Date
December 2012

Men’s Color
Titanium/Lightning/Lime Gel-Neo33 2

Women’s Color
Titanium/Silver/Pink Gel-Neo33 2

Gel-Lyte33 2

Asics Gel-Lyte33 2 Men's Running Shoe

Utilizing what it learned from the first generation Gel-Lyte33, Asics designed the Gel-Lyte33 2 for better alignment and movement with the joints in the foot, resulting in increased flexibility from heel to toe. Asics has published weights of 8.5 oz (Men’s size 9) and 7.0 oz (Women’s size 8).


Launch Date
March 2013

Men’s Color
Black/Lime/Red Gel-Lyte33 2

Women’s Colors
Black/Pink/White Gel-Lyte33 2
Raspberry/Lime/White Gel-Lyte33 2

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