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Mizuno Wave Rider 16 Sneak Peek

July 30th, 2012

Mizuno Rider 16 Women's Running Shoe

Last December, Mizuno totally redesigned the fit and feel of the Rider 15, creating a firm, responsive platform and better upper fit. So are we in for another complete overhaul of the Rider in the latest update?

Nope. The mid/outsole is a complete carryover from version 15, so the big story is the new upper. Through the use of lighter materials and fewer overlays, Mizuno shaved just over an ounce from the Men’s shoe, dropping it down below the magic 10.0 oz marker to 9.9 oz (size 9). The Women’s version is also set to lose nearly an ounce, down to 8.2 oz (size 8).

What to Watch For

  • Lighter Weight: According to Mizuno, the Rider 16 will sneak under the 10.0 oz limbo stick to fall in the “light weight” running shoe category. Pretty impressive for a daily trainer with a lot of impact protection underfoot.
  • New Upper Design: The decreased weight is thanks to the combination of lighter mesh and reduced overlays in the upper. The new design looks plenty fast to boot.
  • Carryover Platform: The Men’s- and Women’s-specific design of the mid/outsole from the Rider 15 will continue in the latest version.

Launch Date
November 2012


Men’s Colors
Yellow/Blue/Anthracite Rider 16
White/Red/Anthracite Rider 16
Blue/Surf Blue Rider 16
Orange/Silver/Yellow Rider 16

Women’s Colors
Blue/Electric Pink Rider 16
White/Violet/Anthracite Rider 16
Red/Green/Black Rider 16
Violet/Orange Rider 16

Mizuno Rider 16 Men's Running Shoe

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Asics Gel Kayano 19 Sneak Peek

July 27th, 2012

Asics Gel Kayano 19 Men's Running Shoe

The Kayano has long been a go-to shoe for overpronators seeking maximum support in a well-cushioned package. Now in its 19th iteration (2013 marks 20 years for the shoe), this update introduces a two layer midsole construction for a softer feel as well as seamless overlays for improved comfort. We are expecting a reduction in weight (10.9/8.9oz Men’s/Women’s) and the shoe is specified to have a 10mm heel-to-toe offset.

What to Watch For

  • Two-Layer Midsole Construction: The addition of a softer, gender-specific Solyte material to the existing midsole results in an even plusher ride.
  • Reduced Weight: By Asics’ estimates, the Kayano drops about a half ounce on the Men’s side (down to 10.9 oz) and almost an ounce on the Women’s side (down to 8.9 oz).
  • Mild to Wild Colors: You can make your next Kayano a “special K” with the blue colorway shown above or a similar Women’s colorway, or “just OK” with a more traditional, muted color selection.

Launch Date
November 2012


Men’s Colors
Black/Lightning/Blue Kayano 19
Black/Red/Lime Kayano 19
Titanium/Royal/Black Kayano 19
Titanium/Royal/Black Kayano 19

Women’s Colors
Black/Pink/Apple Kayano 19
Black/White/Pink Kayano 19
Lightning/Turquoise/Iris Kayano 19
Lightning/Turquoise/Iris Kayano 19

Asics Gel Kayano 19 Women's Running Shoe

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Brooks Glycerin 10 – Our Take

July 26th, 2012

Brooks Glycerin 10 Women's Running Shoe

Our Tweet

Continuing to be a comfort-focused, premium trainer, the Brooks Glycerin 10 receives only minor updates this time around.
(View Men’s Glycerin 10 and Women’s Glycerin 10)

Big Updates

  • Fresh Design: The Glycerin 10 has an all-new look from heel to toe, though the technologies used and key metrics such as stack heights are unchanged.
  • Better Midfoot Fit: The updated saddle is designed to hug the unique shape of your foot.
  • More Ground Contact: The arch bridge in the middle of the mid/outsole now only spans halfway across the shoe, meaning there’s a bit less support but more ground contact and cushioning.

Road Test

The comfort story is the main attraction for the Glycerin series, and true to form testers found an extremely cushioned and comfortable ride in the latest version. Still, unlike some maximum feature trainers out there, the Glycerin 10 does a good job of providing resilient cushioning while still maintaining a somewhat connected feel with the road.

The plush upper makes good use of premium materials and continues to use a rubber overlay in the midfoot. The rubber overlay has very little give in it and creates a locked-down feeling in the midfoot if you tighten up the laces.

The redesigned mid/outsole offering increased ground contact is a bit of a mixed blessing. Transition from heel strike to toe-off is improved, but the extra material adds weight. A wide base net in the forefoot contributes to a very grounded feel. The added weight and wide platform had several of our testers craving a bit more agility, but then again, that’s not the core mission of the Glycerin series.

Runners Say

“The cushioning is there, but you never lose a stable feeling. I can log a lot of miles and count on supreme shock absorption. Plus the upper is quite comfy.” – Joanna

“To me, this is not a fast-feeling shoe. But where it excels is in providing a plush feeling for longer outings and pavement pounding.” – Daniel

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Merrell Mix Master 2 – Our Take

July 25th, 2012

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Go fast or faster, go trail or asphalt in the Merrell Mix Master 2 (Men’s) and Merrell Mix Master Glide (Women’s), a nimble shoe that’s trail tough and cushioned enough to handle the roads on the way to the trailhead.

Big Features

  • Low Drop: The 12mm forefoot and 16mm heel results in a 4mm heel-to-toe drop.
  • Versatile Platform: The mid/outsole is flexible and cushioned enough for some road work and also features a trail-ready outsole.
  • Shock and Rock Plate: In the forefoot, this plate provides added protection from trail debris and helps to absorb impacts.
  • Light, Breathable Upper: The mesh upper offers durable, breathable coverage.
  • Tough Toe Cap: The Mix Master has one of the most sturdy toe guards of any shoe in its category.

Trail Test

The Mix Master gets its name for a design that helps you mix it up on trails and roads with comfort and versatile performance. Our testers racked up plenty of miles in the Mix Master 2, feeling at home on a variety of terrains. Note that the Women’s version of the shoe is named the Mix Master Glide, though it is functionally identical to the Men’s version.

Runners accustomed to a more traditional trail shoe may need a little time to transition to the lower 4mm drop of the Mix Master, but once you’ve adjusted, you’ll enjoy a smooth, flexible ride and good grip.

The Mix Master excels on hardpack, sandy trails and rocky terrain. Though the shoe offers good drainage, testers felt that wet terrain grip was only moderate. On the road, the Mix Master provides good protection but lacks the shock absorption most runners would want for extended tarmac runs.

The Mix Master is a versatile shoe that makes door-to-trail runs a cinch. It offers good protection from debris but remains flexible. Testers wished for a bit better grip on wet and pebbly surfaces, but enjoyed long-lasting comfort from a balanced platform and well-designed upper.

Runners Say

“The Mix Master definitely feels like a low profile shoe. It performs well on the trails because it’s pretty flexible and has a great rock plate.” – Erik

“I used the shoe for dry surface running but also hit some wet stream crossings. Overall, the traction is impressive, not so much on wet rocks though.” – Tera

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Mizuno Wave Ekiden Sneak Peek

July 23rd, 2012

Mizuno Wave Ekiden Men's Running Shoe

The ekiden is a traditional Japanese road racing relay format in which teams of runners take turns carrying a symbolic sash, or tasuki, across distances of up to 200k or more. First run in 1917 between the cities of Kyoto and Tokyo to commemorate the anniversary of the relocation of the nation’s capital, the ekiden remains popular today with a wide range of runners. The Mizuno Wave Ekiden embodies the spirit of this celebrated race.

But enough backstory – you want the dirt on this shoe. The Wave Ekiden comes to the US market for the first time after becoming a favorite among many runners overseas. This racing shoe slots in between the Universe and Ronin models, featuring a 6 mm heel to toe differential and a weight of just 4.6 oz.

What to Watch For

  • Lightweight Mesh Upper: The mesh upper with its thicker material and additional overlays should add durability over the Universe while still remaining soft and breathable.
  • Wave Technology: The Wave plate in the Ekiden is made of a lightweight resin to provide cushioning without a significant weight penalty.
  • Exceptional Traction: Sticky rubber throughout the forefoot and heel provides the grip necessary for fast road racing.

Launch Date
January 2013


Anthracite/Gold/Red Men’s Ekiden

Mizuno Wave Ekiden Men's Running Shoe Outsole View

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The North Face Spring ’13 Sneak Peek

July 19th, 2012

As we mentioned in our sneak-sneak peek last month, The North Face is launching three new models in February 2013: the Hyper-Track Guide, Ultra Guide and Double-Track Guide. We’re impressed with the thoughtful engineering of these models and expect them to slot in nicely with other stripped-down trail and road/trail models that are increasingly popular. Below is more info and full pics of each model.

Ultra Guide

The North Face Ultra Guide Men's Running Shoe

Weighing in at 9.6 oz, this off-road shoe is designed to handle tough trails. The 8mm offset makes it easier to run with a mid-to-forefoot strike, and the shoe sports a range of features you’d expect to see on a serious trail tackler, including a scree collar on the tongue, abrasion-resistant, close-weave mesh, TPU rock protection in the forefoot and a sticky rubber outsole.


Men’s Color
Green/Grey Ultra Guide

Women’s Color
Dark Blue/Black Ultra Guide

The North Face Ultra Guide Women's Running Shoe

Read more…

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It’s Your Turn to Run the World

July 18th, 2012

Wait…you’re still rockin’ the stars and stripes on your runs? Independence Day was SO two weeks ago (literally). Now’s the time of year when even the die-hardiest patriot comes down with a bad case of Olympic Fever. And the only prescription: more apparel.

That’s right, Running Warehouse has you covered, or at least your torso covered, with a selection of Nike Track & Field shirts representing some of the powerhouse countries in the sport. (See all Men’s Nike Challenger T+F Country Shirts and Women’s Nike Challenger T+F Country Shirts). Become a citizen of the global village while giving some props to top competitor countries like Kenya, Japan, Germany and many more.

But if you’re still clinging to your red, white and blue, or just frankly feel that U.S. Track & Field has some of the speediest human beings the planet has to offer, we also have a fresh USA design in dark blue or white fabric. To further satisfy your America fix for this summer’s games, be sure to check out our Men’s Road to London Collection and Women’s Road to London Collection for more great US-themed apparel.

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Montrail FluidFlex Sneak Peek

July 17th, 2012

Montrail FluidFlex Men's Running Shoe

Wouldn’t it be nice to tie on a trail shoe that gives you a connected feel for the ground but also offers a good amount of protection from trail hazards and a bit of cushioning to keep you comfortable mile after mile? That’s the exact design spec for the new Montrail FluidFlex.

A key feature of this new shoe is the FluidFoam midsole, with just a 4mm offset. This one-piece midsole is designed to provide a wide range of flexibility and a close-to-the-ground feel to encourage natural foot movement.

The FluidFlex is part of a new Fluid line from Montrail that also includes the FluidFeel (a hybrid shoe primarily focused on road duty) and the FluidBalance (a posted road/trail shoe that slots into the lineup roughly where the discontinued Fairhaven left off). Running Warehouse plans to carry all three shoes in Men’s and Women’s models.

What to Watch For

  • 4mm Offset: With midsole heights of 11mm in the forefoot and 15mm in the heel, the FluidFlex keeps you low to the ground.
  • Flexible Platform: Full-length compression-molded foam is engineered with flex grooves to encourage natural foot motion.
  • Minimal Overlays: The clean upper design uses very few overlays to save weight and minimize seams.
  • Generous Grip: A micro-lugged Gryptonite outsole provides lightweight traction.

Launch Date
January 2013


Men’s Color
Grey/Green/Red FluidFlex

Women’s Color
Grey/Light Blue FluidFlex

Montrail FluidFlex Women's Running Shoe

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Saucony Ride 5 – Our Take

July 13th, 2012

Wild to Mild, Saucony Has You Covered with the Ride 5

Our Tweet

The Saucony Ride 5 may look like a traditional trainer, but its design conceals a number of updates that make for a more responsive, lighter weight shoe.
(View Men’s Ride 5 and Women’s Ride 5)

Big Updates

  • Lighter Weight: The Ride 5 drops an ounce compared to the previous model, thanks to the removal of the midfoot shank and the use of lighter materials.
  • More Level: Thanks to a 4mm decrease in heel stack height, the heel-to-toe offset moves down to 8mm in the Ride 5, from 12mm in the Ride 4.
  • Expanded Cushioning: Full-length ProGrid is added to the Ride 5 for whole foot cushioning. In addition, IBR+ replaces blown rubber in the forefoot for additional cushioning.

Road Test

Saucony has shifted all of their traditional running shoes from a 12mm heel-to-toe offset to an 8mm offset. But don’t be scared away by the change; the 4mm difference is less than a sixth of an inch, and not extremely noticeable to our testers who regularly run in traditional running shoes. No, the biggest benefit we found with the reduced offset of the Ride 5 is that is allows for the use of less material, which equals weight reduction.

The Ride 5 feels very light for all the features it packs in. It also feels a bit firmer than prior Ride models, with a smoother transition. Testers felt that the resilient cushioning offered good protection for pretty much any distance a typical runner will want to go.

The upper is also a nice place for your foot to be, thanks to a heel collar that feels locked in and custom-molded to your foot, along with open mesh that sheds heat well and very high quality materials throughout. Testers found it easy to dial in the midfoot fit just the way they wanted thanks to good positioning of the eyelets and laces with just the right amount of give in them.

Runners Say

“The ride of this shoe is more taught, with more pep than I thought possible in the daily trainer category.” – Alice

“What I like is the shoe’s versatility. It would be a great choice for a heel striker who wants to transition to a more midfoot strike, or for someone who feels right at home heel striking and just wants good cushioning and a smooth ride.” – Daniel

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Mizuno Zero Drop – Wave Evo Levitas and Evo Cursoris

July 12th, 2012

Many of the big running shoe brands have a more “minimal” shoe line – think Nike Free, New Balance Minimus and Adidas Adipure. So does that mean Mizuno is late to the game with the new Evo collection you see here, coming January 2013? We don’t think so at all.

Mizuno spent their product development time wisely. They crafted two different shoes that maintain key elements of the Mizuno brand identity while also offering a more stripped-down experience focused on midfoot striking and connection with the ground. We think zero drop with a bit more protection and increased comfort is set to be a big story in 2013.

The model you see above is the new Wave Evo Levitas, with more info and pics below. Further down are some pics and product info on the new Wave Evo Cursoris.

Wave Evo Levitas

Wave Evo Levitas Outsole View and Women's Model

What to Watch For

  • Zero drop (15mm stack height as measured by Running Warehouse)
  • 6.5 oz (Men’s) 5.2 oz (Women’s)
  • Wide forefoot with narrower midfoot to maintain low weight
  • Forefoot Wave technology to provide added spring on toe-off


Men’s Colors
Grape/Blue/Orange Wave Evo Levitas (January 2013)
Black/Yellow/Green Wave Evo Levitas (March 2013)

Women’s Colors
Blue/Yellow/Pink Wave Evo Levitas (January 2013)
Black/Lime/Blue Wave Evo Levitas (March 2013)

Wave Evo Cursoris

Mizuno Wave Evo Cursoris Men's and Women's Running Shoes

What to Watch For

  • Zero drop (18mm stack height as measured by Running Warehouse)
  • 7.5 oz (Men’s) 6.2 oz (Women’s)
  • Wider forefoot base to accommodate toe splay
  • Forefoot Wave technology to provide added spring on toe-off


Men’s Colors
Orange/Silver/Black Wave Evo Cursoris (January 2013)
Green/Blue/Black Wave Evo Cursoris (March 2013)

Women’s Colors
Pink/Yellow/Black Wave Evo Cursoris (January 2013)
Light Blue/Lime/Purple Evo Cursoris (March 2013)

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