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Bottoms Up: Capris for Your Body Type

May 10th, 2012
straight, hourglass, athletic, pear

Straight, Hourglass, Athletic, Pear

Every woman out there has her own unique shape, and we understand how tricky it can be to find running capris that flatter different figures. To help you find a great capri for your hard-working legs, we had four Running Warehouse ladies test out a ton of capris to find the most flattering options for different body types…check out our results below!

Straight (far left)

Your waist and hip measurements are very similar, and you have few curves. A capri that hugs your body all the way down will highlight your slim figure and a color contrast detail down the side can create the illusion of gentle curves. Our top choice: Mizuno Exodus ¾ Tight

Hourglass (middle left)

You are shaped…well, like an hourglass. Your bust and hip measurements are similar, and your waist is defined. A snug capri lets you flaunt your feminine curves. Our top choice: Sugoi Jackie Knicker

Athletic (middle right)

You have broad shoulders, narrow hips and a fair amount of muscle definition in your legs. Opt for either a flared capri to balance your top half, or a more form-fitting capri to accentuate your sculpted gams. Our top choice: Saucony LX Mod Tight Capri

Pear (far right)

You have a curvaceous bottom half, and are more petite up top. Reach for a capri that has a straight-leg fit to keep your top half in proportion and flatter your booty-licious bottom half. Our top choice: Moving Comfort Flow Capri

If you’re looking for more fierce options for your bottom half, check out the rest of our capri selection at Running Warehouse.

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Win a Pair of Saucony Kinvara 3 Shoes!

May 9th, 2012

How cool would it be to set a new PR in the Saucony Kinvara 3 shoes you won from Running Warehouse? Pretty cool, right? Enter our contest and you could sport the latest Kinvara for free!

Congratulations to Andrew in Oklahoma, winner of our Kinvara 3 Giveaway. And thank you to everyone who entered!

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Today in Running History: First Sub-4:00 Mile

May 6th, 2012

On May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister became the first person to run the mile in under 4 minutes. His time of 3:59:40 at Iffley Road track in Oxford bested the standing World Record by 2 seconds and broke a barrier many people thought was impossible.

His record didn’t last long, however. John Landy, a rival Australian runner, logged a time of 3:58:00 less than two months after Bannister’s run. The World Record fell 7 more times over the next 20 years.

So how does Bannister’s achievement stack up today, nearly 60 years later? Pretty well, actually. Sure, there are countless runners who can break the 4 minute mark now, but the current World Record time of 3:43:17 (held by Hicham El Guerrouj) is less than 17 seconds faster than Bannister’s record. And back in 2005, Bannister’s mile time was named the “Greatest Athletic Achievement” according to Forbes Magazine.

It’s worth taking a few minutes to watch the full race to see Bannister’s awe-inspiring performance:

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Cool Spring Run Tops

May 4th, 2012

In the immortal words of Right Said Fred, “I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts.” If this describes you, we can relate. But for those spring days when it’s too chilly to bear your arms and midriff on the road or trail, we’ve picked a few of our favorite mid-weight running tops to keep you going strong.

Pearl Izumi seems to hit the mark time after time with great performance run apparel. The Pearl Izumi Infinity In-R-Cool Long Sleeve (above, at left) is an excellent blend of technology and feminine style. The In-R-Cool technology in the fabric reacts with perspiration to lower the body’s surface temperature  by up to 5%, so you can enjoy lightweight coverage without overheating on transitional spring days.

The Saucony Transition Hoody (above, middle) is another great option for those in-between days when you want a little something extra as you head out on your run. The fabric of this piece is soft and incredibly lightweight. The meshy construction of this hoody makes it very breathable, resulting in fantastic ventilation.

For a great go-to long sleeve top for lightweight coverage, reach for The North Face GTD Long Sleeve (above, at right). Mesh in all the right places makes this top highly breathable, and offers just the right amount of coverage. Minerale fibers further increase breathability, and prevent the odor-building bacteria, so you can stay fresh on your run.

Want to see all your long sleeve options? Check out our Women’s Top Finder, where you can select your preferred size, type and more.

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Nike Free Run+ 3 – Our Take

May 3rd, 2012

Our Tweet

Weight’s down and flexibility is up in the Nike Free Run+ 3, now lower to the ground with a more customizable fit.
(View Men’s Free Run 3 and Women’s Free Run 3)

Big Updates

  • Lighter Weight: The Men’s Free Run 3 checks in about an ounce lighter than the Free Run 2. The weight loss for the Women’s model is not quite as dramatic, but weight is still down a few tenths of an ounce.
  • Increased Flexibility: Updated midsole Flex Grooves follow a more natural foot motion.
  • Fresh Upper Design: No longer featuring “bootie” construction, the Free Run 3 has a tongue and a supportive inner sleeve that wraps under the arch and around the midfoot for increased arch support and an adaptive fit. Strategic use of NanoPly overlays results in lightweight structure that still allows the foot to move.
  • Reduced Midsole Height: The Free Run 3 is 2mm lower in the heel and 3mm lower in the forefoot compared to the Free Run 2. This update provides a more connected feel with the road.

Road Test

Testers weren’t sure what to expect before they put on the latest Nike Free Run. After all, the shoe has undergone some pretty significant changes, particularly in the upper. But after slipping this shoe on and lacing it up, testers who have run in prior versions of the Free felt right at home.

On first glance, the new upper that includes a tongue may make you think that the Free Run 3 is sneaking its way into the Traditional Running Shoe Club. Not so fast. The tongue construction actually makes the shoe easier to put on, and the tongue itself is thin and breathable. The tongue did not create any unwelcome seams or hotspots and the shoe remains highly runnable if you want to go sockless.

Once they were situated in the shoe, testers appreciated the adjustability of the new Dynamic Fit system in the midfoot. It doesn’t feel quite as customizable as other implementations of the system, such as in the LunarEclipse+ 2 and Vomero+ 7, but still gives a runner the ability to cinch down the midfoot in just the right places or leave the midfoot fit more generous.

Of course, the most notable feature of the Free Run remains its mid/outsole. In its latest version, the platform remains flexible and offers an extraordinarily smooth transition. So what types of runs can you do in the latest Free Run? It remains a great foot strengthening tool, given how much emphasis it gives to making your foot do the work. After running in the shoe regularly, testers report that daily training and even speedwork are not only possible, but are actually enjoyable. Runners who take the time to work up their foot strength in the Free Run can expect handsome rewards both in this shoe and when running in other flats and trainers.

Runners Say

“Feels like more of a protective ride than a cushioned one. If you’re a heel striker, this shoe will help you change your ways.” – Matt

“The forefoot by the base of the laces is on the snug side for me, and I also experienced some pinching by the little toe.” – Daniel

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These Colors Do Run

May 2nd, 2012
The Color Run

The Color Run

Summer is on its way, and we’re ready for some lighthearted fun. That’s why we were so stoked when we found The Color Run. At 31 different locations around the States, runners will gather for an energy-packed, 3.1 mile taste-the-rainbow sweat session. Young, old, fast, slow… it doesn’t matter for this race! The only requirements for the 5k are a white tee shirt at the starting line and complete color mania at the finish line.

So how does this thing work, exactly? At each kilometer marker, race volunteers, sponsors and staff toss powder at participants in a different bold color, transforming your white tee into an art piece. Kilometer number one is yellow, two is blue, three is green, four is pink, and the finish line is a glorious jubilee of color. Judging by the photo gallery from previous races, this event is a must for anyone who loves fun, running and being outside. Check out race locations and dates to find an event near hue…oh sorry, you.

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Brooks Ghost 5 Sneak Peek

May 1st, 2012

Who You Gonna Call?

Through the latest in spectral imaging technology, we were able to capture a picture (at right) of the upcoming Brooks Ghost 5 traveling through the dark of night. This spirit of the underworld is set to have a hauntingly good fit and feel. Don’t expect to be able to run through walls, but do expect additional cushioning and a fresh design for the spookiest shoe in Brooks’ lineup.

So OK, the new Ghost 5 is real and not an apparition. We actually do have some real pics of this shoe – check them out below.

Launch Date

July 2012



What to Watch For

  • Lighter Weight: Published weights for the Ghost 5 are 10.7 oz for Men and 8.8 oz for Women, both lighter than our measurements for the Ghost 4.
  • Added Cushioning: The Ghost 5 has more cushioning on the lateral side compared to the prior model.

Men’s Colors

Women’s Colors

Brooks Ghost 5 Women's Running Shoes

Brooks Ghost 5 Men's Running Shoes

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