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Today in Running History: Fastest Women’s Marathon

April 13th, 2012

Radcliffe at the London Finish Line, 2003 Photograph: Alastair Grant/AP

Nine years ago today, English runner Paula Radcliffe set the world record for the fastest women’s marathon at the London Marathon. Her time of 2:15:25 was nearly two minutes faster than her previous world record time set in the Chicago Marathon on October 13, 2002.

Radcliffe’s record time has been on the books longer than any other since Ingrid Kristiansen’s 2:21:06, set back in April 21, 1985. Kristiansen’s record held for almost exactly 13 years. How many more years until we see a new Women’s marathon record? Hard to say. Many people think that the rule change last Fall by the IAAF may make it harder for women to set world record times. The IAAF now requires that a time must be set in an all-female competition for it to be a “world record,” rather than “world best.”

The IAAF rule change put an asterisk on Radcliffe’s fastest time and made her time in Chicago the “world record” according to the IAAF record books. It also means women now can’t have male pacers if they want to take a stab at breaking the world record. Many runners are excited about the current crop of top female runners from around the world, and just maybe one of these pros will be able to break through to a new record time. Even so, huge congrats to Paula Radcliffe for her world-record pace.

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Asics Gel Fuji Racer Update

April 12th, 2012

Asics Gel Fuji Racer Men's Trail Running Shoe

The Gel Fuji Racer has been a big success for Asics since its February launch, both in terms of sales and also in helping the brand establish some cred in the stripped-down trail shoe category. We did a full video review of the Fuji Racer, and also covered it in a sneak peek and product review.

Our friends at the website just completed a review of the Fuji Racer too (check it out here). Their longer-term test shows the shoe holding up well after over 200 miles of rock hopping and slush busting. We’re encouraged to hear such great feedback about this shoe and if you own a pair, we’d love to hear your experience here or on our Fuji Racer comment page.

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Bring The Heat: Great Shorts for Warmer Weather

April 12th, 2012

Women's Running Shorts

Hey shortie! Temps are rising as we move into spring and summer, so we’ve picked a few of our favorite shorts for spring and summer running. These beautiful bottoms will give you the technical performance you’re looking for without forsaking style, so you can train hard and look good all summer long.

The North Face Better Than Naked Cool Split (Top Left)
Better than naked? You decide. But either way, public nudity is frowned upon, so The North Face Better Than Naked Cool Split is a great option for everyday use. The fabric is featherweight, and a half split offers excellent range of motion. Two back envelope pockets and a secure back zip pocket give you enough stow space to pack nutrition and essentials for an epic adventure. This short is fierce enough to tackle the trails or the road.

Moving Comfort Momentum Short (Top Middle)
A wide stretch waistband that lays comfortably on the waist…a secure back pocket to stash essentials…scalloped side hems for full freedom of movement…yes, please! The Moving Comfort Momentum Short boasts all of these benefits and then some. Stretch fabric moves with you whatever your pace, and color pops add a splash of energy. You can also stick with black if you’re looking for the classic “little black short”. Thanks MC for another great piece of powerful woman gear.

New Balance NBx Prism Short (Top Right)
Performance no longer means sacrificing aesthetic. The New Balance NBx Prism Short will keep up with you through long runs, speed drills or an even and easy jog. The secure zip back pocket is media-ready and has an “In Case of Emergency” tag so you can carry your emergency contact information wherever your run takes you. Streamlined design and lightweight fabric let you find your stride, and colored reflectivity matches mesh side splices. Genius!

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Nike Air Pegasus+ 29 Sneak Peek

April 12th, 2012

Nike Air Pegasus+ 29 Women's Running Shoes

Not too many shoes last through 29 versions. The latest Pegasus is a testament to the comfortable, crowd-pleasing fit and ride the Pegasus series has offered over the years. A fresh design from heel to toe, the Air Pegasus+ 29 sports a few innovative features that look to keep it on the top of the list for neutral runners who want a reliable daily training companion.

Launch Date

July 2012



What to Watch For

  • Engineered Mesh Upper: A lightweight, breathable material that minimizes the need for overlays, this mesh has differing weave patterns to give the upper added support where needed.
  • Controlled Cushioning: 10mm of Zoom Air in the heel is encased in Cushlon carrier foam, which has been notched laterally in the rearfoot for better compression. Fine grooves in the rubber outsole further improve the shoe’s cushioned feel.
  • Lighter Weight: The Men’s Pegasus 29 is estimated to come in at 10.0 oz, while the Women’s model should tip the scale around 8.4 oz. That’s about a half ounce lighter in the Men’s and a full ounce lighter in the Women’s.

Men’s Colors at Launch

Women’s Colors at Launch

Nike Air Pegasus+ 29 Men's Running Shoe

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Nike LunarEclipse+ 2 – Our Take

April 10th, 2012

Nike LunarEclipse+ 2 Men's Shoe (Exhaust Flame Not Included)

Our Tweet

Think a support shoe has to feel stiff? Nope. Nike LunarEclipse 2 is proof that you can have a soft ride and a good dose of pronation control.
(View Men’s LunarEclipse 2 and Women’s LunarEclipse 2)

Big Updates

  • Lighter Weight: About a half ounce lighter in both Men’s and Women’s versions, the LunarEclipse’s weight reduction comes from a lighter upper.
  • Dynamic Fit Upper: Supportive bands wrap the midfoot and can be adjusted through tightening of the laces to provide a custom fit and increased arch support.

Road Test

A total lunar eclipse happens when the moon hides completely in the earth’s shadow. A Nike LunarEclipse happens when the major athletics company tailors its Lunarlon platform for runners needing moderate pronation control. See the connection? Yeah, neither do we. But it’s a cool name.

The LunarEclipse 2 occupies the same portion of the shoe universe as its predecessor. That means it’s still a max feature, moderate support ride. The special design of the Lunarlon material is meant to keep your foot from cratering inward, and from our testers’ experience, the shoe performs as advertised. In our opinion, it’s the most stable feeling Lunar shoe. The firmer Lunarlon foam is somewhat noticeable in the midfoot, but the shoe maintains a nicely cushioned feel in the forefoot as well.

A new and widely appreciated feature of the LunarEclipse 2 is the Dynamic Fit system, which replaces the Flywire from the original model. Our testers liked how well the system worked to customize the fit and keep them anchored in the shoe without an overly tight fit. The heel is on the narrow side and the toebox is on the shallow side, so with the laces cinched down the upper of the latest LunarEclipse offers a very race-oriented feel.

Though it uses Lunar technology, the LunarEclipse 2 is a star performer in Nike’s support shoe lineup (sorry, we couldn’t resist throwing in one more pun).

Runners Say

“Another Nike shoe that really benefits from the upgrade to Dynamic Fit technology. The upper is very adjustable and moves with your foot throughout your gait.” – Matt

“Substantial cushioned feel in the heel. Pretty amazing fit in the upper, though I found the LunarEclipse’s mesh in the toebox to be a bit crinkly.” – Lauren

“Tough transition in this shoe for me. The landing is soft, the midfoot is firm, but then you go back to a soft forefoot. I’d like more responsiveness on toe-off.” – Daniel

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Running Shoes vs. Barefoot Running

April 9th, 2012

And so the controversy rages on… For many of you who breathlessly read Born to Run or The Barefoot Running Book and couldn’t wait to shuck your sneaks in favor of good old fashioned flesh, barefoot running just makes sense. Lots of other runners are sticking with traditional shoe tech, while some of you are trying your hand (er…foot) at more minimal footwear options.

So Who’s Right?

We’re not about to call any balls or strikes on that issue. But a recent study from the University of Colorado (read more details here) has been bouncing around the past couple of weeks. This study, the first of its kind, found that running in the Nike Mayfly (one of the lightest running shoes currently available) offered a limited physiological edge over going barefoot.

As many bloggers have already pointed out, there are all sorts of complications inherent in designing and carrying out biomechanics studies. The results from the CU study – that runners wearing a featherweight running shoe may use 3 to 4% less energy than barefoot runners – are far from conclusive. We expect a lot more studies – and a lot more debate – in the coming years.

A Different Perspective

Performing well, staying healthy and enjoying the experience are at the top of every runner’s wish list. We can all agree on that. Whether running in shoes or running barefoot is “best” is really a false choice, and as many runners already know, the reality is a bit more complicated. Different styles of running will work for different runners in different conditions and for different objectives.

Not to end on a total kumbaya moment, but we’re glad to see so many runners continuing to tinker and experiment with new ways to train and race so they can build upon those three pillars of enjoyable running: performance, health and happiness. And we look forward to more objective research into the science of running, including studies on barefoot and shod styles.

What do you think? Have you tried minimal? Barefoot? Is a traditional trainer your only shoe for the foreseeable future? Share your experience with us.

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Race of the Month: San Luis Obispo Marathon

April 7th, 2012

With so many races happening in April, it could have been pretty tough for us to choose just one to feature. But some race organizers in our hometown, San Luis Obispo, made the choice a lot easier on us when they announced the first annual SLO Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K, happening April 21 and 22.

On April 21, the 5K race starts at the “world famous” Madonna Inn and continues along a new bike path and private road to finish at the base of Cerro San Luis, one of SLO’s iconic morro mountains.

The next day the marathon and half marathon events take place. Both races start out in the beautiful downtown SLO area and venture into the even beautifuler Edna Valley region. The marathon has been certified by the USATF and is a Boston qualifier.

So now that we’ve sold you on this race weekend in the lovely Central Coast of California, it’s time to register, right? Only one problem: the marathon and half are sold out. But it’s not too soon to start thinking about next year. And if you’re interested in doing a half marathon in our area, don’t forget about the City to the Sea Half Marathon that’ll be happening this October.

Whenever you do make your way to SLO to compete, be sure to stop by to see us at our retail store!

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Rock Your ‘Pieces of Flair’

April 6th, 2012

Meet the Men of Running Warehouse. They are mavericks. Bold. Confident. Saving the world one adrenaline-junkie at a time. Sure, they could head out the door for a run in a basic short and singlet, but why? They’re not here to maintain the status quo. They’re raising the bar, bringing the heat and dressing for the jobs they want.

Guys, if you’re still reading, you know you want a few of these gems for your running arsenal. Embrace it. We’re not here to judge.

Ladies, help the men in your life break out of their ho-hum running apparel rut with some of these performance focused pieces of flair.

Captain America

Your feet pound the pavement. People cheer as you pass. You are a superhero. Why not look the part too? Now you can – and show off your patriotism in the process. This performance forward combination will make you feel super as you tear up the roads and the trails.

Here are the items Daniel’s rockin’ in the photo at right:

Note: As cool as it is, the cape isn’t something we stock here at Running Warehouse. Check your local cape retailer for a better selection.

Duck Hunter

When you’re out on a run, some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you. The same thing is probably true for ducks. Or maybe not. But just roll with us on this one, OK? Give yourself some extra ammo in the fight and stay in the hunt on race day with this outfit to help you stalk the competition.

Here are the items Matt’s rockin’ in the photo at right:

Back to the 80’s

Acid washed jeans may still hold a special place in your heart (OK, now we might judge a little), but you can rock your 80s love with less chafing in these running options. Here are the items Fran’s rockin’ in the photo at right:

Note: See the flair pins on the Xinglet? Yeah, we don’t sell those. But you should really personalize the outfit with your own pieces of flair. Remember, 15 is only the minimum. But some people choose to wear more, and we encourage that.

Vote for Your Fave

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Asics GT-2000 Sneak Peek

April 5th, 2012

Asics GT-2000 Men's Running Shoe

Over the past 6 years, the Asics GT 2100 series has earned a reputation as one of the best daily trainers, period. The upper is a natural fit for runners of all stripes, the midsole balances cushion and responsiveness, and the outsole wears well for hundreds of miles. By far, it is Asics’ top seller in the running shoe category.

So when the company decided to redesign this shoe from the ground up and launch it under a whole new name – the GT-2000 – do you think they goofed around? No way. They invested in engineering and product testing to make sure the new shoe would perform better and remain a fan favorite.

Asics GT-2000 GT-X Women's and Men's Shoes

Launch Date

October 2012



What to Watch For

  • More Cushioning: The GT-2000 has the largest Gel pad of any GT series to date.
  • Two-Layer Midsole: The dual layer Solyte foam allows for differing foam densities for a gender-specific fit.
  • Updated Pronation Support: The new Dynamic Duomax continues to provide support through a redesigned medial posting in the lower portion of the midsole.
  • Reconstructed Heel Collar: Asics redesigned the Personal Heel Fit heel collar system to help keep the shoe comfortably locked in place on the foot.
  • Seamless Upper: Welded overlays reduce the risk of hotspots forming or a random seam jabbing your skin.
  • 10mm Offset: This shoe drops a bit from the GT-2170, which has an 11mm offset. The 1mm change will not be perceptible but is designed to reduce weight slightly.
  • GT-X Version: A waterproof Gore-Tex upper and lugged outsole makes this shoe ready for almost any type of weather.
  • Trail Version: With the same midsole and upper as the GT-2000, the Trail version adds grippy lugs for added traction on road and off.

Men’s Colors at Launch

Women’s Colors at Launch

Asics GT-2000 Women's Running Shoe

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Nathan HPL 028 Running Vest Giveaway

April 4th, 2012

Carry your essentials effortlessly on your next trail run with the Nathan HPL 028 Running Vest. We’re giving away 2 vests to fans of Nathan products who want to give this new vest a try.

This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Blake in California and Randi in Illinois, winners of the two Nathan vests. Thank you to everyone who entered!

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