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Asics Top Impact Line 2011

May 10th, 2011

Asics Women's TIL IM Bra Top & CB Sprinter and Men's TIL Singlet & Split

Lightweight, supportive and radical in design, this year’s Asics TIL pieces are crafted to realize the Asics motto: Sound Mind, Sound Body. Just like the 2010 Collection, this year’s rendition of the global Top Impact Line is truly technical, providing innovative fabrics and exceptional racing-specific designs. With reflective wing accents, superior fabrics and a dramatic, hard-core appeal, the TIL collection demonstrates Asics function at its best.

But function isn’t all that Asics has mastered with this year’s Top Impact Line. In 2011, Asics is clearly tapping into the competitive spirit and pride of runners … and it’s working. The prints are bold and the fabrics are eye-catching. Take the TIL Jacket, for example. With a visually-textured sheen and lots of reflectivity, this piece is making a statement: Imagine race day, you’re scoping out the competition and the game of intimidation has already begun. But as the tensions mount, you realize you’ve got your lightweight black and silver armour on and you’re ready for battle. This essential piece will be a shield against unpredictable pre-race conditions, but it will also show off your confidence. It’s water resistant and semi-fitted with stretch panels around the shoulders to allow for unhindered arm movement and great speed.

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