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American River 50: A Memorable Journey

April 23rd, 2011

I set out to do my fourth AR50 on April 9th.  The 32nd running of the 2nd largest 50 miler in the nation brought cool weather and crisp, clear skies.  I knew my first time running under race director, Julie Fingar, would not disappoint.

My alarm went off at 4:30AM.  Knowing we needed to leave the house no later than 4:50 made me realize I’d underestimated how long I really needed to get ready.  Hurrying anxiously, I put on my pre-planned racing garb.  As the saying goes, don’t wear anything you haven’t trained in…well that went out the window with my new Asics Everysport shorts.  I felt pretty confident they wouldn’t cause me trouble.  But I never mess with shoes and socks.  This time I went for my tried and true Drymax socks and Montrail Rogue Racers.  After a little bite of banana, I couldn’t palate much more, I headed out the door for a chilly 30-minute drive to the start.

There was nervous energy in the air between my brother-in-law, Marc, my pacer, Lee, and myself.  The thought of “why am I doing this” always enters my head around this time.  For some reason I can never fully convince myself that it would be easier to sleep in and be a “normal” person.  As we miss a turn, Marc says something about not being disappointed if we miss the start.  Both knowing full well that much time and sacrifice goes into training for ultras; it’s not easy with 2 kids and a full-time job.  AR has been the biggest key motivator for me since giving birth to my second daughter last year.  I can’t afford to miss this race. Read more…

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