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October 11th, 2010

Several months back I received an email out of the blue by a young man named Nick End.  Nick introduced himself as a former collegiate runner for Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania.  He and two classmates had developed a program that could suggest the proper size of shoe to order based on the size of your current shoe.  It could also compare the fit of different shoes using internal measurements. I was skeptical.  How could you effectively and accurately compare the size and internal dimensions of various shoes?

Shoefitr, the latest fit-help addition to Running Warehouse

Even though I was skeptical, I was very interested in the premise.  Key barriers against customers ordering shoes online are not knowing what size to order or how a shoe will fit. If Nick actually had a program that could compare the size and fit of various models and it worked, you could increase customer confidence in ordering while hopefully decreasing the return rate.  An added bonus would be the ability over time to compare shoes from past seasons to current available models.  How many times have you heard “Remember Shoe X, I loved the fit of that shoe.  I wish I could find a shoe that fit like that again.”  Over time this would help solve that dilemma.

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