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36 Years Ago; The Nike Oregon Waffle Racer is Introduced

September 30th, 2009

Jason Lewis and Wes Galloway from Mizuno were in this morning to say hi and check on things.  Nice guys who are certifiable shoe geeks.  Jason took a few of the photos from one of our previous blog posts for his own Sneaker Consipiracy blog (  While in my office Jason asked to see the May ’77 Runner’s World magazine I got them from.  While thumbing through, he found an ad for the EB Lydiard Shoes, so he took a photo of it from his cell phone for future blogging use.  While he was looking at that issue, I pulled a few Runner’s World issues from ’73.  Wes was happy to see ads his dad had placed in the magazine for the infamous Phidippides Running Singlet.

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Nike Footwear Summer 2010

September 23rd, 2009

Nike is one of the few running brands that still offers four footwear introductions each year; Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday.  The biggest introductions are usually saved for Spring and Fall, with Holiday and Summer having a smaller number of updates.

For Summer 2010, Nike continues to experiment and expand models that make up two of the brand’s unique categories of shoes, the Free and Lunar family of products.  Nike is known to consistently  introduce new technologies to see if they find an audience and if they do find a following, the technology is expanded into its own silo of products.  Air Max was one of the better examples of this.  First was the Air Max, then a whole slew of Air Max products that followed.  The Free concept remains popular, but the line is somewhat limited in its appeal.  The Lunar product has proven wildly successful and as a result, new models are being introduced in the Lunar line while the Free line receives updates to existing models and even loses a style in the process.

Nike LunarFly+

Nike LunarFly+

For the Lunar franchise, possibly the coolest is the new LunarFly+.  Take a symmetrical LunarLite midsole and throw the upper from the 2008 Hayward on top and you have one hot shoe.  At $80, this is gonna prove popular.

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Asics Spring 2010 Footwear Updates – Back to the Future

September 17th, 2009

In the ’70’s when Asics was Tiger, the brand had a solid training shoe following, but runners flocked to the brand for their performance models.  The Ohbori and Jayhawk flats, the Spartan B spike were on the feet of the best runners from that era.  I remember distinctly photos of Alberto Salazar running for the mighty Ducks of Oregon wearing black dress socks and Tiger B’s. Rogers and Shorter won in Tigers and who could forget Allison Roe winning Boston and NYC in ’81 and setting the marathon world best in Tigers?

Tiger Ohbori circa Runners World May 77 Shoe Survey

Tiger Ohbori from the Runner's World May '77 Shoe Survey

Tiger Jayhawk from Runners World Shoe Survey May 77

Tiger Jayhawk from Runner's World Shoe Survey May '77

Tiger Spartan B from Runners World Shoe Survey May 77

Tiger Spartan B from Runner's World Shoe Survey May '77

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